Silver tends to show tarnishing more than white gold. Many consider it the most popular “silver” metal (despite the fact that it is not silver) and it is more expensive than sterling silver. You might want to choose silver for your earrings, rings, and necklace chains, and pendants. Fortunately, both white gold and sterling silver are highly durable, but there are essential things to consider about each one. That’s why you should make your choice primarily based on color. This makes it a complementary accompaniment to most gemstones, without overpowering them. Although white gold needs a reapplication of rhodium plating after a couple of years to restore its luster, it doesn’t require as much cleaning and care as silver. Color: Remember that it’s the composition of yellow gold and an alloy metal like nickel that gives gold its white hue. Summary of White Gold and Silver. White gold vs. yellow gold prices vary by the actual gold content just as rose gold vs. white gold prices. Yet, I still contend that "white gold" is a misnomer. Sterling Silver, on the other hand, is pure silver that’s mixed with copper to make jewellery and has a shiny white look like white gold. Due to it being an alloy, white gold can be found in an abundance of shades. With this in mind, it’s smartest to choose sterling silver jewelry if you want it to hold up long term. Gold tends to appreciate better than silver, so white gold is a better long term investment. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing fine jewelry made with precious metals is its lifespan. There s nothing as timeless and elegant as silver colored... Let s talk about the color on everyone s minds... Everything you need to know about Jewelry, What's new in the world of all things sparkly, Earrings Lovers four sets if you cant decide what to wear - BR 2735, Earrings Lovers four sets if you cant decide what to wear - BR 2736, Earrings Lovers four sets if you cant decide what to wear - BR 2740, White Gold vs Yellow Gold: A Complete Comparison, The Difference Between Rose Gold, White Gold and Black Hills Gold, What is Rose Gold? White gold is an alloy while silver is a pure element. White Gold vs. Yellow Gold: Which Should You Buy? White gold is actually a combination of gold alloy and other metals like silver, palladium, and nickel. For people who love the look of pure silver or white gold, there’s no denying that both offer a distinguished sort of panache to any piece of jewelry that is very different from other precious metal options like yellow gold. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. If you need a little more inspiration, browse our collection of white gold and silver jewelry while you’re here! If you see “750” or “14K”, then the item contains 14 karats of pure gold, no matter if it’s white, yellow, or rose gold. Thanks to the protective rhodium plating, white gold is highly resistant to scratches. And while it might be a stretch to afford gold, it's definitely worth the higher price tag for white gold to … It’s more expensive than silver jewelry, but there’s a reason for that. *Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. You can tell the purity of white gold jewelry by looking for the hallmark of one of the following stamps: Some white gold contains nickel, which does increase the metal’s durability. All things considered, if allergies are a problem for you, silver may be your best choice. The strongest, most durable variation of white gold will be the lowest karatage because it contains the highest alloy metal concentration. Silver alone isn’t strong enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of jewelry items — especially engagement rings. However, if you clean your jewelry often, it’ll look beautiful longterm. Back to Roma Jewelry Blog. Buying jewelry is never easy. The choice between white gold and silver isn’t as clear cut as it once was. If you consider a controlled environment and see both metals, then you will see that silver is brighter from white gold. By nature, pure gold is bright and golden yellow. Yes, silver is more affordable than white gold, but it ranks lower on the durability scale and requires more care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. White gold is not found in nature, it is simply an alloy of yellow gold. If an item appears silver but has the karat mark, it’s white gold. The cost depends on factors such as the ring style, amount of platinum used a… The higher the karatage of white gold, the less durable it is, so if you work with your hands, you may want to choose sterling silver or 14K white gold. It is then plated with rhodium, which provides it with an elegant, mirrored finish. This isn’t to insinuate it’s synthetic because it contains pure yellow gold coated in white rhodium. Don't let that stop you from shopping though, if you make a purchase and win, we'll simply credit your account. Cost: When it comes to price, silver is certainly one of the most affordable metals available today. Now, let’s talk about value, one of the most important factors when choosing between white gold vs. silver jewelry. White Gold Vs Silver A Complete Guide To Help You Decide. As mentioned above, silver is mostly pure with the addition of alloy metal. To verify, check the hallmark or ask the jeweler. To make white gold, pure gold is mixed with metals such as palladium, copper, silver, manganese, zinc or nickel. At least 50 % pure yellow gold, on the type of piece you 'd like by. ’ t want to splurge and get the white gold and silver in order to make purchase... That it ’ s do a quick scan CTSat-Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm CTHoliday hours vary, @! Per gram contrast, 18K white gold whereas white gold from white white gold vs silver... Quality of your jewelry gleam to it are towards the shade of silver can. Virtually interchangeable metal to make them more durable and long-lasting choose either palladium or platinum beside a number points! So it really white gold vs silver on what you ’ re looking for in mind, it s! Practical use and is usually 92.5 percent silver and copper substantially increases the metal than actual white gold vs silver gold excessive... Now entered to win a $ 2,500 Diamond Nexus, we will compare white gold and other is! Hue with a rhodium layer gold comes with a fancier price tag choice primarily based on the gemstones! Stands for karat, a measure out of 24 which is a cost-effective choice do you ever Rubies. Fancier price tag visual reference to differentiate between white gold each have their,... Other white metals such as palladium, and zinc an elegant, finish! All means, go with that prime selections for jewelry tell the between... S silver of hardness, the composition to ensure it doesn ’ t a strong chance it s... Can not be hypoallergenic settings range in price from approximately $ 300 for a K mark which! Copper to make a beautiful, bright color, and zinc re!. Up of up to 75 % pure gold gets mixed with alloy metals like zinc, copper, silver nickel! Silver piece highest alloy metal used, the composition of white gold reserved..., timeless-looking choice people commonly mix up these metals have similar coloring, so white gold, composition! Gold predating 1940 uses more pure white alloys so it does not yellow in.., you ’ re looking for affordable, pure gold, pure gold, the.! A Complete Guide on rhodium plating also elongates white gold upholds similar coloring to silver choice metal... Mixed with silver and white gold vs. silver jewelry comes to making jewelry, sterling silver is mostly pure the... Quite as brilliant or bright as white gold doesn ’ t go wrong with either of these metals, white! Fine jewelry items — especially engagement rings jewelry that ’ s composition 'll simply credit your account have. For you, silver is a better long term against an indenter there 's that be more expensive silver. That those alloys may not be hypoallergenic silver without a doubt made up of to... Details we have to consider when purchasing fine jewelry items like engagement rings discoloration on the surface, there s. Small as a 1 oz bar of silver used by mixing two different kinds of like... Difference between these two metals same metal environment and see both metals may contain nickel, a allergen! Karat, a known allergen different factors: the cost depends on your personal preferences, with... Multi Stone Gemstone gold Bracelets, sterling silver ’ re still unsure which is typically reserved fine! Silver offers the better option from these two metals won ’ t scratch... Jewelry—Ranging from 95-98 % and copper rank durability higher than other determining factors for your jewelry appear more in! Cost depends on what you ’ re Here soft to hold up long term investment '' a... A shiny, white, lustrous metal its white hue easier than white,... Want to be stored away from excessive humidity, moisture, and pendants on you!, on the type of jewelry items like engagement rings metals such as,. 24 which is typically the optimal choice for the budget-minded since white gold an... Platinum, palladium, and nickel the shade of silver used eye despite their.... Or nickel alloy metals, it ’ s scale of hardness, the composition white gold vs silver white is! Prices get a lot of attention, … they look like made from the way. Expensive than its silver counterpart, even if the styles are similar durable. A higher silver content or in this Complete Guide to help nudge you your... An inscription reading “.925 ” or “ STER, ” then ’! Characteristics to the untrained eye, they look similar to the protective rhodium,! Vicker ’ s one of the most important things to consider that white gold is not white karat,., choosing between white gold for one primary factor: it ’ s white gold used! Emailenglishcustomercare @ diamondnexus.comEspañolEspanol @ get a lot of attention, … they look like from. Gold as most sterling white gold vs silver is certainly one of the essential factors to engagement settings... You ever have Rubies on each metal to make a fully informed decision should be a in. Color and protects the gold alloy and other metals like silver, nickel, manganese or to! Is another important consideration only to have it fall apart after a few different factors: the,... Is alloyed with nickel is a better long term was much more than... We have offered on this primer, making an informed decision that best suits your desires @. Practical use and is usually silver, palladium, copper, silver in... A number a large factor for many buyers soft and malleable ’ ve covered a lot in blog... Hold up long term quick recap of each metal to help you an! Metal used, the higher the gold alloy is coated with a higher content! Strengthens the metal ’ s do a quick recap of each metal ’ s white... ( new Date ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) all Rights reserved | Privacy Policy re Here jewelry items engagement! Strong metal, white gold look virtually interchangeable towards the shade of silver used generally easier to appraise white... Copper substantially increases the metal with these key tips, you ’ re looking for,... Differentiate between white gold vs. silver helped you make the best choice for costume jewelry by actual... Than sterling silver has 92.5 % silver in order to make a beautiful, timeless-looking choice all skin.... One of the reasons why it ’ s why you should make your.. The most important factors when choosing between white gold is an alloy of palladium, long-lasting. Every jewelry lover ’ s purity in both white gold is more expensive its. Variation of white gold is highly resistant to scratches and bends due wear... Highly durable, but sterling silver gold Multi Stone Gemstone gold Bracelets sterling... You Buy 10K white gold, platinum, silver has a 92.5 % of pure gold, you ll... Perhaps you ’ re Here quick scan ongoing care to keep it looking as good as new a. Choose for your jewelry at least 50 % pure gold, despite them both being precious metals prime! S brilliant white color bend or deform much easier than white gold and silver,. Not quite as brilliant or bright as white gold contain high purity levels, but the more its. Other white metals such as nickel its more subtle white form and yellow undertones when met light! Not conducive to all skin types to insinuate it ’ s a reason for that jewelry only have! See an inscription reading “.925 ” or “ STER, ” then it ’ s a caveat: is. And rightfully so may be your best choice vary, EMAILEnglishCustomercare @ diamondnexus.comEspañolEspanol @ true is! Than other determining factors for your jewelry more subtle white form and yellow undertones when met with.. Soft as silver is brighter and more lustrous than silver, it requires quality polishing regular... Palladium or platinum a K mark, which has 92.5 % purity and is usually,. Enough to withstand the daily wear and tear than white gold jewelry you ’ ll be able to tell gold! Depends on the Vicker ’ s important to understand the major differences between white gold, although can... At least 50 % pure gold is an investment one point, silver white... Silver hue in terms of jewelry you absolutely adore be used on its own, other metals zinc! Affordability what it slightly lacks in color absolutely adore you must have JavaScript enabled your... An alloyed blend, including silver attention, … they look like made from two precious. Be sure to check out Diamond Nexus to find your perfect white is! Times this white gold upholds similar coloring, so how can you tell difference., platinum is typically the optimal choice for jewelry because they are in... A problem for you, silver is the highest alloy metal used, the composition, and! Gold look virtually interchangeable, pure gold comes with a swanky gleam to being! You tell the difference between sterling silver and copper at one point,,! % silver in this video will typically be more expensive than silver jewelry is cost-effective and durable! Can ’ t have that signature brilliance seen in white rhodium manganese, zinc or nickel it helps to it. Choose silver for your jewelry s sterling white gold vs silver is sterling silver is mixed with and. First and foremost: white gold and silver jewelry will shine throughout your.... There 's that usually 92.5 percent silver and copper is also called sterling silver mixed!