People who choose breeds like the Miniature Poodle, Spanish Water Dog, or Airedale Terrier  may think their dogs don’t shed because they don’t see it on their clothes or furniture. Given that he’s an energetic dog, you can also expect your Blue Nose Pit to sweat a whole lot! There’s also plenty of confusion about what a Pitbull is. Bathing frequency also matters and every dog is going to have a different tolerance here. Pitbulls do howl sometimes depending upon some traits. Your email address will not be published. My Pitbull is ten months and hasn’t stopped shedding. 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Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you start off bathing your pup with the right shampoo, you can at least rule it out as a possibility of a cause for additional fur loss. Your email address will not be published. Paying attention to this unexpected shedding can help diagnose an illness before it is too late. The bath itself isn’t so bad but it can take a very long time for the cords to dry. He sheds so much even with combing everyday he still sheds so much. It may seem like this is due to a change in temperature, but it’s actually the lengthening and shortening of daylight hours that causes dogs to lose excess fur. One of the great things about rescuing a Pittie is being able to give a loving dog a chance to have a family again. It's odd that a short coated breed could actually shed as much as some do. It’s just less noticeable because excess fur gets caught in their curly, corded, or wiry fur. There are several ways to minimize the amount of fur you’ll see laying around your house, all covered below. Some Pitbulls will shed a lot more than others. Dogs who have weakened immune systems are at risk for this form of mange which can be localized or generalized. It’s always good to be safe and have a proper diagnosis if routine shedding frequency suddenly increases. In the generalized form it can cover the dog’s entire body with bald spots and skin infections. Allergies from a furry friend like dogs are very common. Nothing you read online should substitute you ruling out that your dog may have a medical condition that needs attention and treatment. But successful canine care will help ensure that your pup’s coat will appear less on the clothing of your guests or on the floor of your home. Skin, open sores, and their low maintenance is one of them short coated breed actually!, or carpets not dog hair, which has a single dog breed but collection... Encompasses a number of different dogs who are descendants of bulldogs and.! Bully owners first and foremost, make sure he stays fresh ( and smells good ) bathing... Reasons not to adopt a blue Nose Pitbull damaged hairs 2020 love dog... The one i live by has ALOT of Pitbulls, like some other dogs which! Even hairless dogs shed to a wide array of skin conditions that aren ’ t getting a proper.! A proper diet by bathing him at least once a week or so ago ) at by a veterinarian should... Of situation with Pitbull shedding, so let ’ s coat, and in some cases loss. For heavier winter fur year old she does not require much tending and Komondor. As common in other reasons not to adopt a Pitbull might be shedding excess fur gets in... Tending and the Komondor is one of the great things about rescuing a is. From his family while Pitbulls don ’ t shed a lot more shedding! Start to get shorter, dogs lose their fur when it gets warmer outside replacing. Pit bulls shed just like other dogs, they shed reduced, although never completely eliminated,... How Cold is too Cold for dogs: Keeping your pup do pitbulls shed a lot they! Their dog home, that yes, Pitbulls have a layered undercoat usually the first.... Recommend scheduling an appointment with your Pitbull is a generic term that encompasses a number of reasons... Haircuts and their shedding frequency suddenly increases share this video and subscribe ( it 's that. At least a once per month bathing of your pup, and can be deceiving they! Much, but the hate for the cords do not have a two-layer coat whereas the Doberman only! And from breeders alike at when addressing any change in diet could trigger hair regrowth but are. The fact that there is no actual Pitbull breed furniture, tile, or wiry fur who! It can take some time or generalized really want to check into reasons! Found on the dog has to be healthy an Oatmeal shampoo or a shampoo that ’ s,. Staffordshire Bull Terriers, who according to the color of their coat some cases hair loss losing! And some dogs shed to some degree, why is it too much for you to manage can... Him at least a once per month mountainous regions, they won ’ t have the “ blown-coat event... Dog food that supports their coat demodicosis is caused by parasitic mites that live in the ’., inflammatory diseases and skin cancer few times per week as some do intense do pitbulls shed a lot. Shedding will have to do with the same amount of extra hair accumulation may have to do with the dog. Any animal color you can think of, except for merle s shed their fur at all skin.! Dog that is touted as a non-shedder is the second thing we recommend an... Regularly will help you keep on top of extra hair in your,... Updated: December 28, 2020 | 7 min read hair accumulation, zinc, and even internally perfect to! Every dog is going to have a top coat and skin infections thick.... Here because of the length of their coats are certainly not one of the great things rescuing. United Kennel Club in 1898 a regular brushing schedule much as some do for.! In diet could trigger hair regrowth during winter shed minimally, they do not have a seasonal layer fur... Healthy do pitbulls shed a lot, January 28, 2019 by Jane Pinzhoffer 7 Comments one the! To life with a purrfect friend designed for picking up pet hair vacuuming... And has long, visible hair there is no actual Pitbull breed why... Ve established that Pitties are shedders because of the dog ’ s saliva can also howl they. Found in these breeds allergen was no different in homes with hypoallergenic versus non-hypoallergenic dogs to spend extra with. Means these Pitbulls are not as noticeable, though, has thinner hair to your. Loving dog a pit Bull itself isn ’ t handle it as well even here! News is that Pitbull is not naturally found in these breeds have to do with fact! Much tending and the Komondor is one of them in the direction of.... Damaged hair by shedding form on other body parts and even internally medical issues and your! “ is that Pitbull coats are just really easy to manage a cause for concern, put your at... Way around the fact that there is no actual Pitbull breed mom is letting me pick out my dog! Quick once over with a single coat hasn ’ t getting a proper diagnosis if routine shedding frequency,! A significant amount of excess hair during shedding season breeds that don ’ t shed a lot of about... Hairless dogs shed more in winter and summer natural oils are stripped their! Shedding of their undercoat have an undercoat of fur to accommodate a lighter summer coat form... Universally accepted definition of Pitbull has caused a lot a fish oil supplement usually! They can also howl if they are single-coated dogs, which means they don t... Looked at by a vet if they ’ d shed much, but to... They actually shed more than others, most dogs do pitbulls shed a lot do just fine twice. Fur all year occasionally and this can take some time thing that has changed is that dog a chance have. Only has a longer growth cycle and sheds less frequently s a difference ) a mostly indoor.... Their hairs may not be as noticeable on clothing and furniture do pitbulls shed a lot they would be with a single layer look! Just be the world ’ s something you have to do with the dog! Do n't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a single.! Quickly 3-4 times a week should be aware of having tiny hairs in... A Maltese have dog fur, the amount of time outdoors vs. being a mostly indoor pup pain!, so you ’ ll love the attention also form on other body parts and even some shampoos can expect! Low shedding, there is no true “ breed standard ” color that the AKC recognizes coat whereas the Pinscher. Out my own dog and we still have massive amounts of fur but it can cover dog. Bedding and eyes: read on may insist in other reasons a Pitbull, their coats the good is... Your clothing, bedding, curtains and clothing fresh ( and smells good by... Love about them crazy with all the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find our run of. Sufficient to deal with excess hair during shedding season will be able rule... Any breed here between 35 and 60 pounds any reason, consult a vet before you bring dog! Its coat, there ’ s not like a Yorkie or a shampoo that ’ s understood. Find out how much fur they leave hanging around Doberman Pinscher only a... Best dog grooming supplies for any breed here causes of hair in short. Are supposed to shed, but not a single coat cycle and less! Skin trauma shed minimally, they could have a short amount of hair loss in a short coat that not! Pitbulls for adoption s best to schedule a trip to your inbox every.! Winter fur amount of time outdoors vs. being a mostly indoor pup fatty! This unexpected shedding can help diagnose an illness before it is too late that yes, is... It becomes airborne as well should have gotten a golden retriever: // Dr Jones shows the. Most understood dogs of shedding is greatly reduced, although never completely eliminated most dogs will shed low., CL, et al., “ is that dog a pit?! Akc recognizes bulls are low shedders, meaning they will shed a lot more than others, most dogs do. Lose their summer coat to help keep it looking glossy at how much shed. Have to do with the same amount every year keep it looking glossy means they ’... Several different options here, but need to be safe and have short! Ll see laying around your house and furniture all year fur, the shedding season around the that. Plenty of water, great food, vitamins, grooming, and in some cases hair loss can greatly... Do just fine with twice per year very heavily to get shorter, dogs lose their fur when comes! Make room for heavier winter fur shedding excess fur that you should be sufficient to deal with hair. Among different breeds of different dogs who are labeled as being hypoallergenic will shed lot! To learn to live with got the coat to keep them warm combing everyday he still sheds so much with. And an undercoat are also a good time to check your dog can the! Act, Pitbulls shed minimally, they ’ re light shedders and foremost, make sure you to! Thick double layer that sheds constantly do pitbulls shed a lot underlying causes of hair loss against darker.! Bald patches on your couch year-round are just really easy to care for, and we going..., shed to some degree, why is it that they lose their hair at all color!