I spent most of this review praising the Arc. An HDMI switch / matrix plus the HDFury Arcana may be just the ticket. And this coming from a guy who religiously pulled out the ol’ Radio Shack sound pressure meter to set THX reference levels every time I made a change to the system! I watch my Blu-rays as ripped files on my Plex server, and Plex happily transcodes DTS into Dolby Digital. This soundbar supports Atmos content, which the Sonos Beam doesn't. Sonos Arc: A Dolby Atmos performance evaluation An eARC-equipped TV and a speedy broadband connection allows us to thoroughly evaluate the Sonos Arc’s Atmos chops in a … Most Atmos tracks are pretty lazily done, and the height speakers provide nowhere near the depth or immersion that surrounds provide. Nov 22, 2008 6,175 424 26,070. But still keeping a close eye out for a matrix that will (hopefully) work with the Arcana (and hopefully at a fraction of the cost of one of HDFury’s own switches). ;-). The Sonos Arc is considerably more expensive at launch than the Sonos Playbar was. One with a sleek, low … I'm excited to finally have good rears (I still need to find stands for them) as well as an upgrade to my cheap Monoprice speakers (which have performed surprisingly well for the price). Subscribe to our newsletter. Related: Sonos Arc review. This may seem a rather minor irritation but it became less and less minor as time wore on - and I’m extremely happy to be rid of it. When you have all the pieces, it's incredible though. But is it really the best dolby atmos soundbar 2020 or is it overrated ? The Arc and the Sub, by contrast, had zero problems setting up at all. It’s significantly fewer wires and cables. Comments (5) (Image credit: Sonos) JUMP TO: Update 1: Dolby Atmos at last! I have a proper 5.1.2 home theater with ceiling mounted Atmos speakers. All I really did was try, try again. I found myself seriously wondering if I’d made a mistake in purchasing it. I think the simplicity and the ability to not have wires running all over, large speakers all over is what appealed to my wife... so although it's not a perfect home theater, it's a happy balance for my wife and myself. The TV is an LG LG 55EF950 OLED ARC not eARC. It also lacks a bit of bass, which will negatively impact your favorite action movies. When the eArc mode is selected on the TV the sonos produces no sound . Sonos might be late to the party, but its first Dolby Atmos soundbar is an absolute belter. The Sonos Arc soundbar is okay for movies thanks to its Atmos support. For example: if you’re watching a movie that doesn’t support Atmos, the Arc will adapt and use the … Kind of surprising (though, to be fair, I'm not deeply engrained in the Google ecosystem - maybe if I had all my info in Google it would be smarter... but that's also creepier). I will most likely be ordering the HDFury adapter when it's available and surviving with ARC for now. Tight, punchy bass that hits just exactly how it needs to. Anyone who wants the best sound possible doesn’t get a soundbar. Upward firing speakers are subject to so many variables that they cannot possibly be tuned properly to every environment. Would I recommend it? In action, the Sonos Arc sounded much more impressive and immersive than its predecessor. Having googled it , this is apparently a known problem between these two manufacturers . Thanks for the in depth review, I have the full package and love it. The Sonos Arc is the flagship example of what Sonos S2 is capable of, a $799 soundbar that attempts to do the near-impossible. We’re all aware at this point of the many artificial limitations imposed on the Arc: Completely reliant on a technology In its infancy - eARC - to have the best experience. Aside from being beautiful to behold and a snap to set up, sound quality was lacking, Atmos effects were seemingly non-existent (in the extremely limited instances where I could get Atmos), and I was experiencing the same muddy bass issue that most everyone else seems to be dealing with as well. Great writeup and I've been thinking about taking the plunge into the Arc (already have a Gen 2 Sub and Gen 2 Play 5), but my issue is I have too many devices and my current AVR (Vision + Atmos support) really is hard to give up as it has 8 ports and I'm using 6 of them. The Sonos Arc sports classic aesthetics with cleans lines, a high-quality all-metal finish, and a monochrome exterior (available in balck and white). Play the bombing run scene from Unbroken and we’re immediately transported to within the fuselage of the B-24 Liberator. I just stood there like an idiot looking at the ceiling for a good two minutes listening to white noise. No way. I wish I had the magic words to help - it was just factory reset after factory reset. Everything is set up exactly as it should be. I may make the switch once HDFury puts out their product that does eARC, as my TV will only passthrough Atmos via DD+... then maybe I can get an HDMI switch as well. The sound quality is awesome and the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is high since they look great and are unobtrusive. But rather than box the Arc back up and admit defeat, I doubled-down and ordered a pair of One SLs to use as surrounds. Great writeup and agree whole-heartedly. I want Atmos because it represents a leap forward in spatial positioning, but if Plex is transcoding DTS Master Audio into Dolby Digital Plus on the fly and doing a good job at it (which it seems to be), then color me happy. Case in point, it looked absurdly large when we put it in front of a 40" TV. Upward firing speakers, you get what you get (and what you're really getting is marketing, not Atmos as the film maker intended). It comes after the releases of the Sonos Playbar and the Sonos Beam, but its main competitors are the Samsung HW-Q90R and the LG SN11RG. Boy howdy, have you come to the right place! Simon Lucas | … Sonos bills it as a means of not waking the rest of the house, but if the product is going into an MDU, then there is a useful option there also. The Arc absolutely requires the Sub in my personal opinion. Sub connected flawlessly. Granted, I was entirely too close to the TV (a solid 10 feet in front of my usual viewing position on the couch), but with the surrounds now well behind me - as opposed to their usual side-firing position, which is about the only place I can put them given the shape of the room - standing in the height effects sweet spot the sound was unbelievable. And AirPlay…. The Sonos Arc full setup is a versatile system, but our current test bench scoring doesn't reflect this. I have spent 2 days trying to get these to even link up to the app. I know many have been complaining about the lack of a matte option for the Sub, but I have to admit my breath was kind of taken away when I pulled it out of the box. Quite the opposite of the experience with the Arc, getting the One SLs recognized by the S2 app was a nearly two hour ordeal punctuated by having to connect and disconnect Ethernet cables and do multiple factory resets of the speakers. We are a Sonos household, already have 5 speakers around the house. Then, by the time I got them both added, they didn't want to add to the Arc which meant I basically had to start over. If you have never experience what they are telling you atmos is supposed to be... you're going to get that sensation from rear speakers much better upward firing speakers in your soundbar. Good Stuff . By itself, I was not impressed. Sonos ArcSonos Plenty of soundbars support Atmos at this point, but Sonos is doing something interesting with how the Arc responds to different audio formats. It was the first piece that I got of my very first Sonos system and it came with the massive baggage of glowing reviews and my desire to have a quantum leap forward in sound quality from the old 3.1 system I was upgrading from. I ended up having to connect both directly via Ethernet to a switch and reset multiple times. Subscribe to our newsletter. The Sonos app, while a little clunky in my opinion, is easy enough to use and gives you nice functionality at your fingertips. Seeing the Arc had just come out and having read several reviews, I decided to return the Playbar and get an Arc instead. Solid, but not heavy (dense may be a better word). This is absolutely the setup that, if cost were no object, I would absolutely put together for any of my friends / family who want great sound but don't want to have to worry about putting it all together. Sonos Arc Surround Sound Package set-up — Choose your rear speakers wisely. Now I just have to figure out how to get that sound from where I sit on the couch instead of 3 feet in front of the TV….. For nearly $2k all in, you’d think you’d be getting all the bells and whistles, but you’re not. While they didn’t help with the sonic qualities or the bass issues with the Arc itself, they did significantly expand the soundstage and tremendously helped the overall sound quality of the system. I’ve enjoyed everything that Trueplay dialed in and haven’t adjusted the Sub or Surround levels thus far. Yeah, it was a couple of hours of intense annoyance. Wide, tall sound. Re: DTS: Definitely a shame and an unforced error on Sonos' part IMO. Well, until the HDFury Arcana adapter comes. The Sonos Arc is a high-end soundbar from 2020. Seems like the review embargo lifted today at 2pm UK time, Not good to hear Atmos is underwhelming . It allows for an immersive listening experience, although it doesn't have the best surround experience without the separate satellites. 50% and above... treble and voices ('s' sounds) were a bit aggressive and I could not enjoy it. Had it up and running in 2 minutes. M. … Sonos Arc Review Able to do justice to cutting-edge movie soundtracks and music too, the Arc is yet another great-going-on-brilliant Sonos speaker . Here's our review of this TV-boosting speaker. By Jonathan Evans 20 November 2020. For as simple as they make certain things, other things are needlessly complicated at the moment and aren’t likely to change anytime soon. Will the Sub make your downstairs tenants miserable? Yes. The last pieces for me are the Sonos One Wall Mounts for the surrounds. This one seems obvious but can be easy to forget. Splitting the audio from the picture in this way also means that you’re not limited to using the ARC with a TV, and can plug the Arcana into a projector if you prefer. Got to admit, I had some seriously mixed emotions about pulling out my trusty old Onkyo TX-SR705 (couldn’t help thinking - am I making the right call here? Sep 5, 2020 1 0 20. Not loud enough he he. ), but the next time I fired up the Arc system those thoughts were right out the window. I hope this is the case and I look forward to hearing the difference. I agree whole heartedly. Then once I managed to get them both added to the app AND the Arc, I couldn't get them to work over WiFi rather than a wired connection! Very good review. level 1. I spent most of this review praising the Arc. The answer will be different for everyone, but for me most everything is turning out to be a non-issue. Sonos Arc review: this soundbar sounds simply fantastic Dolby Atmos-enabled wifi smart speaker is brilliant one-box audio upgrade for TV and music, but think twice if using Sky, Virgin or similar Overall, it sounds well-balanced out of the box and features a lot of sound enhancement features to make it sound like you want. It should just sound like it's coming from everywhere. What’s really nice, too, is that the Sub is nice and subtle when it needs to be (at lower volumes, say, or in less sonically adventurous fare, but when it’s time to rock, it is absolutely happy to rock. I have a similar situation with my rear surrounds at home. But as a tech geek I’m actually excited about things like this. I wanted a Playbar, but it was too big and clunky and the SO would not approve. Big but not massive. i'd love to try it out on my Arc as I don't really hear the top firing speakers with the leaf/rain test files. With all of that said, that to me is worth the extra cost that you spend on a Sonos surround setup. In this sweet spot, my brain was absolutely 100% legitimately convinced that there were speakers above my head and that that’s where the sound was coming from. Even just watching a couple of episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was much more engaging and enjoyable with bullets whizzing around in 5.1 surround and Quinjets flying quite effectively all over the room. I feel like these things are broke. The new Sonos ARC Soundbar is here. If you had the Arc, Sonos Sub then things were great. The Sonos Arc is designed to be a … LG TVs do not support PCM via eARC. Going on two days and probably 6 hours of attempting to connect my Play1s for surrounds. @Highfalutintodd - Great review, do you have the link for the Dolby Atmos white noise test file? I could hear the rain falling from the ceiling. I think we can confidently say Arc will be that. Sonos Arc long-term review: the highs and lows : Read more . No MQA support. Do you have any experience streaming movies that are in DTS sounding noticeable worse now due to being in PCM? The eArc function does not work with my brand new 2020 Samsung TV Q95T . Thanks for taking the time to do this and I'm glad you're happy as a first time Sonos owner. If you have the sub it really transforms the Arc into something beautiful sounding but I do think that if you listen closely with the sub... sometimes you still notice the muddy sound but it's almost entirely masked with the sub. I am a little underwhelmed by the Sub, but that may be because I'm coming from a monster SVS sub. Lack of DTS support. Music sounded much richer and more lively. Sonos continues to expand its home theater speaker selection with the Arc soundbar.The Arc combines the voice assistant support of the $399 Sonos Beam with the power of the $599 Sonos … Have you tuned your setup and if so, tried it with on/off? The Sonos Arc is a $799 soundbar that features immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound. Even in this setup, I barely notice Atmos. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Glossy, but not gaudy. Measuring a full 45" in length, this bar is wider than any TV that measures less than 55" on the diagonal. Atmos via Apple TV 4K is PCM passed down via eARC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Cracking control app (even in beta) Bad Stuff . Great write up! In front to the right of the arc to match the first sub (1/4 front placement), and at the back near my right surround (opposing corner placement). Yes, yes it will. Sonos Arc review: this soundbar sounds simply fantastic Dolby Atmos-enabled wifi smart speaker is brilliant one-box audio upgrade for TV and music, but think twice if using Sky, Virgin or similar I have an Arcam Bluray DVD UDP411 player and a Sky Q satellite receiver HD downloading 4k content. Sonos has been very transparent about there being an issue with the bass that they’re working on a software fix for and early indications are that it will help tremendously (maybe? Am I happy? Loving it. Impressive bass response. All of that effort has paid off: the Sonos Arc delivers one of the most convincing Atmos presentations of any soundbar we’ve heard. She had no idea the Arc wasn't just another speaker that I'd plugged into the receiver that had been sitting under the TV for over a decade and was pretty surprised when I told her that all of the "receiver stuff" was in the tube in front of the TV. Its first soundbar, the Playbar (currently $599 and being closed out), debuted in 2013. The Arc is a fantast I hadn’t had true surround sound in the living room of our home since we moved in 12 years ago (no particularly good way to run speaker wires to surrounds) so I was excited about the possibility. In use, Arc can communicate with the TV over HDMI-CEC, so firing up is straight-forward as the soundbar will turn itself on when the TV is activated in TV support mode. The Arc is not designed for those people - but instead for people who wants convenience, design, simplicity of the soundbar form factor.

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