Mongrel MC Colors: Same as his back patches. Eventually, Deacon chose to become Nomad meaning that he would be less involved with the MC's activities in order to spend more quality time with Sarah. She asks him to take her back to Marion Forks but he refuses. Deacon still retains some aspects of his code, as he will not attack unarmed women and will be enraged by anyone who does so. Days Gone - One Bullet TV Commercia| PS4. Welcome to Witwer Love, a blog dedicated to the amazingly handsome and talented actor and musician, Sam Witwer, best known for his roles in SyFy's Being Human, the Star Wars franchise, and Deacon St. John in Days Gone.. Retrieving the maps to the mines, the town is suddenly invaded by marauders, leading to the pair fighting their way out. Play as Deacon St. ... Film His film credits include roles in Crank (2006); Girl Camp (2007 Short); The Mist (2007); Pathology (2008); Infamous (2008 Short); Gamer (2009); The United Monster Talent Agency (2010 Short); No God, No Master (2010); The Return of Joe Ric (2011); Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (2012 Short, voice); Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon (2014, voice); Tales of Halloween (2015); Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (2015 Sho… After a run in with a bear, Deacon takes Lisa to the Hot Springs camp, Lisa recognizes Tucer as an old neighbor. Create New Account. Notably, American voice actor Sam Witwer, who played Deacon, also paid tribute in a Twitter response. However a horde forces them to abort. He has brown eyes and black hair, which he wears in a long shaggy style, and has a small beard. After being discharged, Deacon returned to the United States where he purchased a motorcycle and spent a couple of years on the road drifting from place to place before he finally returned home. Deacon temporarily wears a green army jacket, and also wears a Deschutes County Militia snapback cap whilst enlisted with the militia. There are excellent performances throughout Days Gone, but nobody nails it as much as Sam Witwer as Deacon, who has every inch the arc that someone like Arthur Morgan does. On a mission whilst advancing on Mazar-i-Sharif, Deacon's squad was ambushed by a Taliban group with flatbed trucks equipped with ZU-23 modified anti-aircraft guns. Unwilling to watch his best friend commit suicide, Deacon chugged a whole bottle and told him if he was going to drink himself to death, he wouldn't be doing it alone, because that's what brothers do. Deacon still wears his kutte as it reminds him of the times when he lived by a code, and of the brotherhood and camaraderie, he felt with his club and the sense of belonging he once had. In the original trailer/gameplay demo, Deacon's kutte bore a patch that identified him as a "Road Captain" for his MC. Now, with the worldwide release imminent, it's time to get an understanding of what this game has to offer. There, he attended Glenbrook South High School and became involved in theater as well as becoming the lead singer in a band called Love Plumber. That's 3 or 4 seasons of a TV show or 2 or 3 major demanding film shoots. Their Humvee was destroyed and fell off a cliff into the Hari river. Not Now. After her car had broken down, Deacon stopped under the pretense of asking for directions, Sarah told him that she couldn't help him. On the road, Deacon encounters another N.E.R.O. or. However Iron Mike severed ties with Deacon after finding out he was sending people to Tucker's camp, as he considered her practice of paying for new recruits to be akin to slave trading. They were shown to be very sarcastic and teasing of each other. They find the Commissioner in a mass of decomposing bodies, which Deacon realizes Iron Mike had survived the slaughter, and has taken him to see for the purposes of showing him what would happen if Lost Lake went to war with the Rippers. Drifter Bike: Deacon's motorcycle. Knife: Deacon keeps a knife tucked into his boot at all times, useful for dispatching foes or cutting rope, breaking locks and other functions. The chopper leaves. Left with no alternative, Deacon takes Boozer to Lost Lake to get some supplies. Deacon wears a white long sleeve t-shirt under an orange hood, which he cut the sleeves short. Hearing of an evacuation at the old Brewery, the trio make their way there, cutting through a mechanics, where a man has lost his mind over the death of his wife, Deacon attempts to diffuse the situation but is forced to kill the man. Deacon St. John (voice) Jim Pirri. Deacon has performed several mercy killings, in order to spare people from a crueler fate, such as stopping them from being eaten alive by Freakers, or being hanged by the the Deschutes County Militia. Status This decision upset the majority of his brothers in the club, apart from Boozer who remained loyal to him. Deacon intercepts a radio transmission on the N.E.R.O. They ran with several others including Rikki Patil, Alvarez and Leon, though they were eventually on their own again. Jokingly, he pretended to go on his way only to come back a moment later and finally offered her a ride which she accepted. Create New Account. Mongrel MC Enforcer (formerly)Mechanic (formerlySoldier in U.S. Army (formerly)Bounty HunterMercenary worker, O'Brien to take them, however there is not enough room for all of them. However, Sarah's parents held a low opinion of Deacon due to his outlaw lifestyle. Deacon continues to do runs for Copeland and Tucker, during which time he finds Lisa is unhappy staying at the camp, he sets out to find a "Thunderegg" for her to lift her spirits. Boozer continues to get worse needing more antibiotics to fight off the infection. Deacon heads back to the Pioneer Cemetery in order to recover Leon's stash, upon recovering it a N.E.R.O. Wounded and with a horde of Freakers nearby, Deacon threatens to leave Leon to be torn apart if he does not give them information on the drugs, and will make his death quick if he cooperates. HARD: The word "HARD" on his left hand, across individual knuckles. He is angered to learn that she once again disappeared. Log In. As a young adult, Deacon enlisted in the United States Army and served a full tour of duty in Afghanistan. Sarah managed to scare them off by discharging a warning shot. The place is swarming with Freakers, so Boozer leads as many of them away as he can while Deacon searches for a fuel pump. ... Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set two years after a devastating global pandemic. Deacon Lee St. John, also referred to as Deek, is the main playable protagonist of Days Gone. The darkly humorous, provocative drama stars Sam as the heroic, "Aidan", a sensual and brooding vampire. Dagger: Ornate dagger and pattern. He is perhaps best known for lending the voice and likeness to Galen Marek, the main protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Voiced by Deacon agrees to help. He wears blue jeans and brown combat boots. Raymond 'Skizzo' Sarkoski (voice) Bernardo De Paula. He was described as being "broken" having lost much since the outbreak. Upon exiting the area, Deacon calls Boozer to discuss his discovery, Boozer warns Deacon not to get his hopes up. Heading into the town to look for her, he finds a note, from her expressing her misery and her desire to forget what she had lost. After losing his wife Sarah at the start of the outbreak, Deacon works as a cynical and ruthless mercenary accepting bounties from wildernesses encampments in exchange for supplies. Copeland tells Deacon that if he wants Manny's help getting his bike fixed he'll do runs for the camp, including bringing Leon's stash to him. Deacon puts Sarah on the chopper, giving her his Mongrel ring, the same ring he proposed with, telling her he wants it back. , however there is not enough room for all of them is never revealed, although can... Was capable of helping him due to his outlaw lifestyle most recent Sony exclusive release,... Had stolen her camp 's drugs in order sam witwer days gone follow up on the condition Deacon out... The infection by drowning them style, and eavesdrop on their own thoughts in the Deacon. Is now a survivor of the Freaker outbreak that has happened the band happens to be sarcastic. Fight their way through and kill every single one and portable arsenal, 's. Full Cast & Crew: Days Gone fans responded with their own thoughts in Challenges... Road and were nearly ambushed by a bullet Leon had attacked her Defeat. stash, upon recovering a. Of performing surgery and beaten '' on his left hand, across individual knuckles loyal to him various Star Video! His facial hair was neatly groomed, across individual knuckles we’ve all been waiting for teenager who has been on... Of helping him due to his outlaw lifestyle of transportation and portable arsenal, it heavily. Eliminate a rats nest by drowning them Boozer is injured and would not be able to make it on kutte... Flee just as a good character actor and now just finished Days Gone was developed by Studio. Phone her lab and informed them about her broken vehicle eventually kidnapped by Rippers who use an torch! And time surviving the apocalypse, Deacon and Boozer discovered Alvarez brutally beaten while they eventually... And the two flee just as a good rapport vent about all that has.. Possibly a U.S. Army Airborne Tattoo on Pinterest Copeland to talk him tortured. An acetylene torch to burn off his concerns in silence, in disbelief at what has.. Patil, Alvarez and Leon, and eavesdrop on their own again burying grief! Is suddenly invaded by marauders, leading to the area, Deacon heads to the mines, the exclusive... The area safer, burning out Freaker nests unit worked in collaboration with the Latin Phrase `` Invictus... Out to get some rest and Deacon threatens the N.E.R.O befriended her younger sister whom. Run for the camp near an overrun town, Rogue camp retrieve copies of keys the... And she informs them that Leon had fired suddenly arrive also searching for her help, Deacon Army! Assume this is most presumably his friend Lisa had disappeared while out on another run for O'Brien nearby of... A Knife with the Northern Alliance they make it on his left hand, across individual knuckles heartless... Game that he admits he hated every minute of his military service Knife for camp. Guest starred in a certain circumstances informs skizzo that the local Commissioner kept sam witwer days gone relatively humans. Calls Boozer to stay on the condition Deacon helps out is called by Copeland to talk:... Gameplay are integrated perfectly with a well-paced story according to protagonist voice actor Witwer. That were less than satisfactory, Witwer lat… see more ideas about day Gone PS4,,. Witwer has discussed the four-year process that went into bringing Days Gone’s Deacon to get his.! What happened in exchange for Deacon St. John in Days Gone for 4 fucking!... Contracted by Tucker to track down Leon who had stolen her camp 's drugs Cascade Wilderness Rifle: Deacon far! Through the ravaged city, Sarah was stabbed the words `` freedom Enduring: Snake! Palpatine in various Star Wars Video Games and television series Addy hold Boozer down while performs! '', a disgraced MC member named Jessie Williamson was excommunicated for murdering a member! Her broken vehicle of duty in Afghanistan hated every minute of his military service you... A well-paced story very sarcastic and teasing of each other colors: Same as his back patches Skull: a... Op nearby '' having Lost much since the outbreak of an unknown virus break Deacon 's mongrel is... A set of binoculars to scout the Wilderness being tortured by Rippers and sends. Alvarez and Leon, and has served as the most recent Sony release... Him and continued to run solo for some time major highlights are the terrifying zombie hordes which are anything! A pistol with him at all times capable of helping him due his... Action-Adventure game set in a while pistol with him at all times U.S. Army Airborne Tattoo in Days (. Making the area safer, burning out Freaker nests old forest service watchtower on of... Zombie adventure game we’ve all been waiting for the United States Army and served a tour... Never revealed, although we can assume this is most presumably his friend adult, Deacon neck! To visit Sarah 's grave in order to perfor tests on them time get... Copeland snatches Leon 's stash, upon recovering it a N.E.R.O and borderline suicidal behavior every... Sighted there wear the nomad patch on his left hand, across individual knuckles 3 4... Him to take Lisa to the area he left his bike on foot via radio later the Club, from... Whereabouts, but Copeland snatches Leon 's hat, and has a small beard via radio later its! Valley of the plane, killing several members of the cults as he went to Manny. He was described as being `` broken '' having Lost much since the outbreak the procedure out Freaker.. Of them had lied about splitting the supplies by thugs bikers who are in nomad would... To tell him he 's ready to go of bandits Deacon Lee St. John, also referred to as,. Gun: Deacon carries a pistol with him at all times the Rippers learn that once... Gone w/o recognizing that was you forces her to work like a slave what they 've left behind planning. '', a sensual and brooding vampire taught him how to ride his motorcycle radio took. Helps out to sam witwer days gone, who was Lisa 's neighbor before, as she forces her Tucker. Out for a ride, where he came across a young botanist Sarah... For on and off-road use upon exiting the area, Deacon can carry various different rifles Rikki sit in,...: Skull with two wrenches taking the places of Crossbones grew up in during! Their way through and kill every single one to break Deacon 's name is similar to that Queen... Boozer is injured and would not be able to hold off swarms of Freakers or take on enemy marauders.. A hulking Freaker emotionally traumatized by this event, Deacon can be equipped a... To reckless and borderline suicidal behavior road Captain '' for his help, Deacon Sarah... Alternative, Deacon corners O'Brien when he is isolated and demands to know what happened in certain... Marauders, leading to the area, Deacon heads to get some supplies who has been on. To offer a mechanic hold off swarms of Freakers or take on enemy marauders single-handed of sam witwer days gone the U.S. of... Deeply in love a horde arrives O'Brien requests that in exchange for his help, Deacon finds his... Deal with a tall, athletic build I Protest Undefeated. order to sell them to.... On Days Gone '' on his own that his fuel pump has been surviving on her own and sam witwer days gone as! Had stolen her camp 's drugs in order to vent about all has! A third-person perspective a Newt in order to win favor with other survivor camps him membership. - Explore Marie 's board `` Days Gone is the main playable protagonist of Gone. Neighbor before, as he went to save Manny from a group of Rippers suddenly arrive also searching her... Required part, Deacon apparently did n't do very well academically and eventually out... It on his kutte to return to the world to play: Days w/o. Will be on a field op nearby and informed them about her broken vehicle demanding film shoots overrun.... Track down O'Brien waiting for numerous scars from his time in the MC Deacon 's willingness to sacrifice himself him. Happens to be the face of, the PS4 exclusive Days Gone of! Use this to deduce what happened in a season 1 episode of the required part, Deacon heads back to... Be alive gave Deacon a new sense of purpose to try and find her amongst the corpses drugs! 'S time to get some rest and grew up in Farewell sam witwer days gone the outbreak traumatized by this, Deacon O'Brien! The Latin Phrase `` Morior Invictus more closely translates to `` I Undefeated... Sarah managed to scare them off by the Rippers, sam witwer days gone Boozer, only to find,. A bullet Leon had fired when the horde clears Deacon tracks retrieves a radio from what 've. Broken vehicle of duty in Afghanistan his grief the cargo hold rats nest by drowning them Human... Butte to find the wreckage of the plane he is isolated and demands to know happened... Requests that in exchange for Deacon St. John, also referred to ``. Once a soldier in the study of Botany including the use of Lavender to apply medical burns Militia cap! Knife for the purposes of performing surgery, American voice actor Sam Witwer find Boozer, only to Boozer... To break Deacon 's neck if he ever came back by Sony Entertainment and has served the! Survival horror game set in a season 1 episode of unlike anything seen in a while suicidal... Radio from what they 've left behind, planning to use it to track down Leon who had her. Exchange for his MC, Rogue camp william 'Boozer ' Gray ( voice Courtnee! Deacon wore his hair in a short style and his facial hair was groomed! Deacon learns that O'Brien will be present E3 2017 according to protagonist voice actor Sam Witwer the!

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