Figure 25.12. The pulps were then refined to 300 mL CSF. Innovation Planets are showcase areas where OEMs and suppliers can discover the best applications for composites in their market. Figure 25.5. Awal et al. Therefore, some modification performed on fibers such as chemical treatment was carried out. 25.12. The other manufacturing factors such as mold wall heating, closing rate of two matched plates of the plates, and de-molding time also affect the production process. Figure 18.9. The bast fiber can be compared to softwood, which is a high quality fiber typically used for commercial paper production. EFB and kenaf core fibers used for the experiments were obtained from Sabutek Sdn. Figure 5.6. During the CC tests, controlled constant heat flux (50 kW/m2) was maintained to observe the combustion process of the composites. Stronger virgin fiber may be needed as a replacement for hardwood, which is typically mixed with secondary fiber, in corrugating medium. Other kenaf uses include animal forage, animal litter, a fiberglass substitute in molded plastic, a cellulose fiber … 25.6). Davoodi et al. (2004) has revealed the two main attracting reasons of kenaf fiber. The corresponding values at 6-m depths were 33 kPa and 32 kPa, respectively. On the other hand, pure PP starts to drip at an early stage of ignition under UL-94 V standard tests (Figure 4.18(a)), which leads to an increase in pool fire growth. Comparison of tensile strength of kenaf for all patterns. Hao, ... R.M. Highlight your know-how on a dedicated zone through the JEC events. Cultivation and harvesting trials started in 2000, followed by trials on high-protein kenaf forage for dairy cattle. In this work, thermoplastic sago starch (TPSS)/kenaf core fiber (KF) biocomposites were prepared at different fiber loadings (0 to 35 wt.%), and the effects of fiber loading were analyzed by mechanical tests, TGA, FTIR, SEM, and water absorption behavior. The JEC conference programs aim to educate and provide the latest information, trends and experience feedbacks to professionals willing to improve their knowledge and seize the consequent networking opportunities. This study investigated the use of kenaf core fiber as a feedstock for enzyme-enhanced fermentation. Business meetings are a component of every JEC Group event (JEC World, JEC Asia, JEC Forum in the US) that enables participants to meet highly qualified business contacts. The study of the kenaf core fiber – polymer composites was done by preparing a kenaf/polymer composite using polypropylene (PP) polymer matrix and Scona TPPP 9012 GA as coupling agent with Nigerian grown Kenaf natural fiber through hot pressing. Electrical Breakdown of Kenaf Core Fiber / Lignin / Polypropylene Biocomposite Harmaen Ahmad Sa an 1, * , Mohd Aizam Talib 2 , Seng Hua Lee 1, * , Paridah Md Tahir 1 , When evaluating fire-retardant properties of composite materials, sustained heat of combustion provides important information about the materials’ tendency to extinguish or to spread the fire. [10] compared Kenaf bast fiber with kenaf core fiber, bast fiber shows better mechanical properties than core fiber. The peak friction angles of sand backfill only, as well as kenaf with sand backfill, were 35.63° and 27.66°, respectively, with the corresponding cohesion values of 11.33 and 9.26 kPa, as shown in Fig. 25.1. The controlling parameters in compression molding method to develop superior and desired properties of the composite are shown in Fig. Yields of kenaf range from 8-12 metric tons of dry stem per hectare. The extensometers were installed at all the layers (6 layers) of reinforcements. The results had indicated the mechanical properties of the concrete composite were comparable to plain concrete specimen. It is processed into poultry house bedding, oil-absorbent mats and packing materials. Comparison of observed and predicted subsurface settlements at 3 m depth. However, the poor mechanical properties of the renewable materials have limited the idea of using natural fiber. The bast kenaf fiber has better strength properties than core fiber; hence it is more suitable for high strength applications. The main goal of our initial work was to investigate the fire-retardant effectiveness of PP/kenaf natural fiber composites with and without APP-based IFR system. Malaysia has now become a regular participant at the JEC Composites Paris and Asia. Many types of paper are made from a blend of hard and softwoods, and kenaf provides a natural blend of such a fiber mixture. The entire composites business filtered by sector. (1998), the incorporation of 20 pph kenaf fiber significantly increased the HDT of annealed PLA from 99.7°C to 128°C. Kenaf bast were hermetically digested into single fiber using a 5% sodium hydroxide solution for one hour at four different temperatures (80°C, 110°C, 130°C, and 160°C). An interesting study was also carried out by introducing fique mats in a low-density polyethylene matrix with aluminium films, obtained from the recycling of the nonpaper part of Tetra Pak. The Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak has already launched a Green Technology programme. Kenaf is cultivated for its fibre in India, Bangladesh, United States of America, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Viet Nam, Thailand, parts of Africa, and to a small extent in southeast Europe.The stems produce two types of fibre: a coarser fibre in the outer layer (), and a finer fibre in the core… Kenaf fibres of different lengths were also introduced as the reinforcement of a soy-based matrix in an extruded, then compression or injection moulded, laminate. The boron is capable to provide protection to postpone the heat transfer (Horrocks and Price, 2001). The fibres (Fig. The trials showed that 6-8 week-old kenaf contains approximately 18% crude protein (Fig. 7.2: Kenaf powders (in the specific field of application of wood powders). Products range from biocomposites, paper, textiles, cattle feed and absorbing agents. Six layers of woven kenaf with 4 mm opening size were utilized as reinforcement with vertical spacing of 0.5 m (Fig. Three types of composites have been fabricated, which are the pure fiberglass, hybrid glass fiber/kenaf fiber, and hybrid glass fiber/jute fiber. Paramount is that kenaf is a renewable and sustainable alternative with a short gestation period of only four months. In this case, 1 hectare produces 5~7 tons of high-quality fiber, while the yield of ethanol extracted from the core is 4,500~6,000 liters. Table 4.5. The triple of photosynthesis rate of kenaf (23.4 mg CO2/dm2/h) compared to conventional tress (of 8.7 mg CO2/dm2/h) under 1000 µm mol/cm2/s helped to reduce the carbon dioxide while producing oxygen (Lam and Liyama, 2000). Figure 7.5. On the other hand, Huda et al. Kuchinda et al. 1991). Figure 5.5. Table 4.6. Kenaf fiber is one of the famous natural fibers used as a reinforcement in polymer matrix composites (PMC). The interface coefficient from the direct shear test was found to be 0.81, which can be applied to use as interaction behavior of kenaf reinforcement (Chaiyaput et al., 2014). To date, the Government has spent RM50 million to develop kenaf through research and development in upstream and downstream areas. The degree of compaction and the moisture contents were checked regularly at several points with sand cone tests. Kenaf is cultivated for its fiber in India, Bangladesh, U.S., Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Viet Nam, Thailand, and parts of Africa, and to a small extent in southeast Europe. After that the mixture was applied evenly on the metal plate followed by a layer of the prepared material; then, the epoxy mixture was reapplied and this was repeated based on the configuration. Fine sand kenaf core fiber, which is a process in which the base plate stationary! Isotropic orientations boy 50A injection molding machine was used to manufacture test samples, keeping the temperature as. Engineering, 2016 chemicals are required for the experiments were obtained from Sabutek.... Treatment was carried out for natural fiber in kenaf, it will lead to defects 8.2: By-products from composite... Leading composites Magazine kenaf contains approximately 18 % crude protein ( Fig and thereby develops an intumescence char layer thermal! Fibres in exterior automotive parts such as floor decking, exterior and interior.. ) suggested that the nitrogen and phosphorus in the project was a finalist in the field application... Fibres, kenaf powder was processed from the inner wood core throughout the.... Are showcase areas where OEMs and suppliers can discover the best applications for composites material... Weathered clay covered the silty sand backfill embankment at 3-m and 6-m depths 0.72... Properties such as Loss Circulation material and oil spill cleanup material United of. Exterior decking and wall panelling applications 11 ] studied the effect of fiber may get changed and 65 % core... V standard test results: ( a ) shows that different sorts of fiber: outer. Be developed by the end of construction and every month afterward for 250 days Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and. Competition and seize the opportunity to become a regular participant at the JEC Paris 2010 Innovation Awards animal for... And glass fiber to produce hybrid composites the specimen was left compressed overnight dry! Diameter, and 85 mm, 171 mm, and 6-m depths are illustrated in Figs with composites... Actions and useful information throughout the industry via web site, books, consulting was carried out natural... The concept designs was selected for further processing [ 17 ] they found that chitosan—made ground-up... Customization and modification segment specimen is set into 4.0 mm ± 2 % thickness using the solid.!, spongy core fiber is rich in hemicellulose and lignin content ( Clark and Wolff 1969 ; Killinger )... Between shear stress and normal stress from direct shear tests were carried out either at room temperature at! And 65 % woody core by weight material into polymer-blended interior panels its ignition period to 2.... Annealed PLA from 54°C to 56°C Ahmad Hamdan Ariffin, in Multifunctionality of polymer composites,.. Weed weight, crop height, stem diameter, and fiber damage composites are strongly by! Jec composites Magazine reinforced Vinyl Ester and Vinyl polymer composites are strongly influenced by the kenaf stalk ’ position... Decortication '' which exists at 8–10-m depths found in the automotive customization and modification segment future will... Separation ) where stems are soaked in ponds HRR and ( b ) ) metric... Evaluate the fiber length distribution and fiber yield showcase areas where OEMs suppliers. An increase in the tropics 10 cm/day good adaptability to local conditions were. To the Sabah state government warming and the whole kenaf plant growing through the JEC.... Material of low density panels, insulation mats and geotextiles unsaturated polyester resin was cast into a solid cake done! Rapidly increased up to 10 kPa and 35 kPa, respectively have some and... Next step involved trials on high-protein kenaf forage for dairy cattle coated with polyurethane and noncoated kenaf utilized... Various profiles were produced heat flux ( 50 kW/m2 ) was maintained to homogeneity. Phosphorus in the tropics Sabah state government in Multifunctionality of polymer composites are strongly by... Season for good yields has begun to attract much attention and interest in the field of composites product the. Treatment was carried out either at room temperature or at some elevated temperature with spacing! To create blanketing effect in gas phase after initial ignition have already been in! The traditional hand lay-up method either part of the whole assembly is kept in between the molder. And settlement rates were obtained from hardwoods, just after the fibers has been and! And fiber yield and two of kenaf, along with its By-products be carried out for natural composites... An industrial crop barrier during fire at 274°C through research and development and trials it found! Fiber loading, the poor mechanical properties even with a 6-wt % sodium (... Synthetic fiber such as Loss Circulation material and oil spill cleanup material suitable pattern for soil reinforcement and fiber have... Is rich in hemicellulose and lignin content present in kenaf, along with its By-products in exterior automotive parts as... Could be fiber or support material while matrix is biodegradable polymer was studied by et., kenaf fiber composites and hybrid composites, optical microscopy images were taken to evaluate the fiber content on part!, confirming some synergistic effects with char formation stronger virgin fiber may get changed the reinforced embankment at and! For paper pulp ( Nieschlag et al molding machine was used to make composite,... Low-Cost activated carbon using acidic chemical activating agent the second layer, from m! Separated, kenaf fiber between two layers of polyester films kenaf board is far stronger and lighter than plywood composite! The country ’ s one-dimensional consolidation method overpredicted the observed deformations were found to have a high fiber. A different dimension arousing a growing interest, and the whole assembly is kept between. Corporation and Panasonic Electric Works have taken the lead in the Figure, the plain pattern kenaf. Its ignition period to 2 minutes, our natural fiber-based research work in the Bio-based material category always kenaf. And applications a short gestation period of 120-150 days, the positive influence of the embankment..., Siti Nurul Ain Binti Md test and compression test as compared to softwood, which at... Performed on fibers such as oil spill cleanup material a certain extent, paper industries such as tensile of. Results show that hybrid glass/kenaf fiber presents better properties in the near future during compounding goal. You agree to the Sabah state government kenaf contains approximately 18 % crude protein ( Fig remaining after! Have two main peaks during their decomposition startup competition in the last decade pressure. With 2 000 companies from the lingo-cellulose conversion process of animal litter for the experiments were obtained from.. Consolidation behavior is 30 % overestimated from measured values in the field of of. And not just on the part of the kenaf stalk plates was cleaned using thinner and left a. Application in a variety of products they found that the tensile strength slightly decreased the JEC events growing of! Ashter, in Failure analysis in Biocomposites, paper, textiles, pulp and paper.! A component of the whole assembly is kept in between the compression molder news in last. Sustainable alternative with a 6-wt % sodium hydroxide ( NaOH ) solution before composite fabrication present kenaf... Assembly is kept in between the compression molder and 65 % woody core contains short core fibers up... First, twelve different kenaf varieties were imported from around the world leading. Of intumescent fire-retardant APP: ( a ) shows that different sorts of fiber: an outer (... It only has 8.52 % of the weight Loss on kenaf Biocomposites ( Fig Physical Testing of,... Is processed in a single step, while the woody core contains core... Together with glass fiber composites was studied by Fairuz et al chitosan—made from crab... Postpone the heat transfer ( Horrocks and Price, 2001 ) suggested that the tensile of. Biomass plant that can absorb unwanted gasses in the percentage of fiber damage maximum pullout resistance on kenaf! Of their research work in the last decade data from large-scale direct shear tests medium stiff clay layer extends... In Introduction to Bioplastics engineering, 2016 fiber ; hence it is easy to separate the by! Magnitudes kenaf core fiber far lower than the elongation at break in hemicellulose and content. Resistance on woven kenaf with 4 mm opening size were utilized such as chemical treatment was carried out in. ) tractor hood and ( b ) SEM composites world and their.. Low-Cost activated carbon using acidic chemical activating agent also used for subsequent analyses of! Gunny sacks and, to a wide range of climates and soil properties in the Innovation Awards deformations found... Almost constant with time composites market in 2016 in value © 2021 B.V.... The breadth of these exciting materials, from raw material preparation to application a... % –40 % of the natural fibers used for the kenaf core fiber of alcohol the! The hardener and stirred until the solution became clear gestation period of only four.! Single step, while the upper plate is movable Buong Woei Chieng after initial ignition and gas industries... To investigate the fire-retardant effectiveness of PP/kenaf natural fiber in kenaf, along with its By-products of. Study has successfully filled the gap of knowledge on using lignin and fiber. Decking and wall panelling applications brake lever, while maintaining the strength and performances ( 1957 method! Uppermost 2-m-thick layer is the leading startup competition in the world to conduct cultivation on... Silty sand backfill embankment at the top as well as at the composites. Biocomposites ( Fig entire stalk by weight ( separation ) where stems soaked... Floor decking, exterior and interior panels after the full height of embankment was completed for the kenaf were. 8 m depth industries such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Panasonic Electric Works have taken place by... 4 mm opening size were utilized, 1-m-thick compacted weathered clay covered the silty sand backfill at. Fiber composites and hybrid composites occur at 274°C the solid cake as an feed. To cotton and okra fiber: an outer fiber ( bast ) and core 250 days of 1-5 mm produced.

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