Here’s my corollary: if you want to promote your legal practice, think like an editor and publisher. Take a few minutes and ruminate. In thinking like an editor, ask yourself what the shot that comes before and after the one you are about to capture will look like. If you have a handful of exceptional one-sentence hooks, that’s a good indication to an editor that you’re not a one-book author. I usually don't complain about my work in detail because I love what I do. Set the Tone, Then Take Things Up a Notch. Not only will you hear how it sounds, but it will be easier to find awkward grammar or word choice. I think of ordering as a kind of three-dimensional thinking, as opposed to the two-dimensional thinking (like using tweezers under a microscope) necessary for line editing poems. How do we think like an editor when we aren’t one? With that said, I think it’s time that I say what all the editors want to say. Serve a need and be memorable. Why? Now the trick is to make sure that your hook is ear-grabbing enough to catch an agent’s or editor’s attention. Thinking like an editor is great way to improve your story telling through images. Is the point of view clear in my story? If you have a moment of doubt whether the events on the page are consistent, or really true to the character, or scene, or plot, believe the doubt, and fix it. So if you‘re on board, today we’ll explore how to not just consider your intended audience in your writing, but to think like an editor, to improve your submission strategy, your rate of acceptance, and ultimately your bottom line. Now this is a scary question because agents especially want to ensure that the author seeking representation has more than one story or book idea. But – and here’s where it gets tricky – I as an editor would be … That’s exactly what thinking like an editor is all about, and chances are, you’ll never be without a writing project or a published book available on your favorite bookstore shelf. I’ll give you some more tips on how to think like an editor. What are some other ways you can think like an editor? She looks forward to the conversation! Writer Unboxed — The importance of editing to good writing is clear, but how to become a good self-editor is not. Tisha Martin is a writer and editor, and she lives to encourage authors and editors to bridge their relationships and work together for the publishing industry cause, where readers will treasure books for always. 1. DSLR Video Shooter gives out 7 tips to help you nail that mindset in their videos. Developmental editors help structure the entire project, while copy editors focus more on technical things, like the use of punctuation and adherence to grammar principles. They don't care that you want to encourage children to obey their parents. Nothing enrages an editor more. All Rights Reserved. That’s exactly what thinking like an editor is all about, and chances are, you’ll never be without a writing project or a published book available on your favorite bookstore shelf. Few colleges offer ‘editing’ courses. Why? If you aren’t an idea person (but rather someone who runs with an idea after it’s been fleshed out), you may want to sign up for coaching sessions or find a friend who will listen to your idea strain and then ask you questions about it to get you thinking. If you read a passage and think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll fix that later,” but plow on with the reading, you’re ignoring your instincts. Pair this program with Part 1 and make your writing even more effective Now, thanks to tinyCoffee and PayPal, you can! I’ll give you some quick tips for thinking like an editor. At the submission point, editors do not care what your reason for writing something was. What tips do you have? 4. Five Good Books on Editing and Self-Editing Strategies, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Rise of the Modern Hospital: An Architectural History of Health and Healing, 1870-1940, Tips for Turning Online Procrastination Time into Writing Research Time, How to Think Like an Editor | A Writer's Notepad |, The Turndog Tales: 04/03 – 09/03 « Turndog Millionaire, Sterling Editing » Written on the internet, The Week in Writing and Publishing 11th March 2012 | A Writer's Quest,, Popular articles on editing and memoir I posted to Twitter this month, Revision and Editing: Every Editor Matters - Surly Muse, Take Five: Julie Carrick Dalton and Waiting For The Night Song. Yes, Larsen has registered this word. The book encourages students to apply themselves confidently, to think analytically, to examine information with scrutiny, and to see the big picture. Editors think for a living. Click the image to download it as a PDF poster! This course will teach you how to cultivate the skill set of thinking like an editor about your own content. Editor … With a bachelor’s in Professional Writing, a master’s in English Education, and an editing certificate from the PEN Institute, she has equal passions for writing and editing. If you only have one story idea now and you are finding it hard to come up with another one, please don’t panic. Disabuse yourself of that idea. She is the former Assistant Director of PENCON, a conference for editors, where she was instrumental in seeing attendee growth in 2018, up 150% from 2017. And if you write like an editor, you will have a much stronger story that creates a fabulous reading experience for your readers. … These ways to overcome fear of writing will increase your writing productivity and … How to think like an editor. Writing is scary stuff, my friend. The bottom line is to make sure your writing shows what is the most important for the story’s that on your heart. Writing is a funny art, isn’t it? Next month, I’ll share some more tips on how to think like an editor. Think like an editor, that’s how: Know the title. Editors have told me over and over that it’s very important that writers search the publication’s website before sending an idea. How to Think Like an Editor. Copyright 2019 Almost an Author. Editing may seem daunting and scary and intimidating, but it’s really just one piece of the writing process. You may think that as an editor, you won't be doing much writing. Writers think about their reasons for writing something. Active in ACFW and The PEN, she appreciates both communities. Aden's website: The following are … and also make sure that our manuscript is edited well. Posted on April 4, 2012 by Writers of The Woodlands. Tips to minimize an editor’s stress. She’s also a contest judge for Writer’s Digest. Don’t put the “i” in diva! General, sloppy ideas that don’t gel with the publication on any level scream ‘I just pitched this to every Tom, Dick and Harry to see if someone might pick it up’. 5. 2. Ready? Here are a few critical features of the “mental space” necessary to thinking like an editor. "Think Like Your Editor," by Susan Rabiner and Alfred Fortunado The worst was "How to Write a Book Proposal." Fix it. Writers are excellent at persuasive writing—so a good writer can craft an effective call to action for an author website! I’d love to hear from you! . If it’s a moving shot, will that moving shot work with a static shot or another moving shot? Doesn’t that raise all kinds of questions? Organized by the 50 strategies of editing and working, each ""strategy section"" runs in length … If broad works better for the sake of your piece, then go broad, and get more specific in your argument. Three More Rules for Thinking Like an Editor 4. It’s also unlikely that you’re dithering over whether to work with them, as they’ll be introduced as part of the larger pu… This person is responsible for choosing which manuscripts a publishing house should publish. Keep in mind that every author and editor has their own style, preferences, and idiosyncrasies for what they like in a story. Think Like an Editor book. Think Like an Editor: 50 Strategies for the Print and Digital World: Davis, Steve, Davis, Emilie: Think Like an Editor First, you have to realize that your camera is not an eye and is not nearly as sophisticated. Editing doesn’t have to be so intimidating. When you do publicity, especially local publicity, it's good to remember that your first audience is one set of eyeballs—an editor—and not the whole world. . What’s a call to action? Simply put, editing is just going through a more detailed process to make sure our manuscript is ready for the public eye. Is your call to action clear and focused? They think like magazine editors but act like content marketers. It only means that your idea is being published. After the five things cinematographers can do to make their editor happier, and the art of shooting B-Roll, another way to ensure that the transition between production and post-production is as smooth as possible is to think like an editor while you shoot. Writing with a Disability (Different Ability), Do’s and Don’ts When Forming Your Launch Team, New Post @ Almost an Author: National Book Month | Donna Jo Stone, Writers Gotta Read: Where to Find Book Recs and A Short List of Suggested Reading for YA Authors, The Cold Call: How to Approach a Church or Women’s Group for Speaking Opportunities, Who Are We Talking About? 8 talking about this. How to Think Like an Editor. Who is doing the “seeing,” or telling the story, anyway? Jul 28, 2014 - If you're scared to write, you're not alone. Writer’s groups are everywhere, but I’ve never encountered a self-editor’s group. About Tisha Martin. That’s why you see questions on social media, “Would you read a book about flying saucers in the Carribean?” The author is trying to get feedback on their idea. Next Article --shares; link; Add to Queue Image credit: Jason Feifer Jason Feifer Jason Feifer. So . Using Pronouns and Antecedents, 10 Ways to Help Fellow Writers (Without Spending Money). As you do this, you want to make sure that you get your message across. I'm usually just stabby about bad writing. Well. As the author, you will have done your research on other books in the market in the past year that are similar to yours in subject, theme, timeline, and content. THINK LIKE AN EDITOR is designed for the new breed of editors who are evolving at the same time news and information sharing is changing. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Look at the publication’s past issues before pitching ideas. But for now, please join in … As a contest judge and having read over 100 books this year, an issue I see a lot is a wobbly point of view. Children ask me how I feel when my editor asks me to change something or questions my work.

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