For instance, notice the extension to my webpage URL, which takes you to my How to Write a Book guide: Get your growing tribe interacting with you and with each other by posing a simple question or taking a brief survey on their favorite things: books, movies, celebrities, you name it. It’s time to learn how to write a bio that, well, doesn’t suck. In that, my position is somewhat stubbornly Zen: if the action is too forced or contrived, the blog may be doomed from the start. that get shared on social and discovered through search. Step 1: Change the title of the page to “Contact” or “Contact Me”—because there is no “us” if it’s just you. Sometimes, cornerstone content might be a manifesto or download in PDF form. After that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can pick your website’s theme. That helps reduce the burden as well as increase the size of your audience starting out—since more people will be marketing and promoting the blog. The whole idea of creating a website intimidates you. Jane Friedman has written a great article on the importance of still keeping an independent author website, outside of social media. In the audio and transcript, he outlines tips for blogging and also how to make money from your blog, and why writers have a real advantage as bloggers. Author – List your name as the post author, even if it’s your website. Remember, the headline is often the only thing people see when they’re surfing online and looking at search results, so it’s one of the biggest factors in whether your post gets read. On Oct. 7, I’m offering a live class that tackles everything you need to know to get started (or to help you determine whether blogging is right for you). Be open, engaging, friendly, and personable. Creating a “Writing” page Just two more steps before your website is ready to go live on the Internet! It’s where agents, publishers, readers, and fans can learn about your work, put a face to your name, and contact you. Some people use it to describe a practice that isn’t all that common now: keeping a rather personal “log” or diary of one’s thoughts and experiences. Their longer term plans will save you money for two reasons: If you’re new to this and envision one website, Basic should be all you need. Some writers are successful with informal missives that comment on what’s happening day to day or that reflect on their personal life. The first thing that ought to pop up is your author website. Using Amazon Author Central and creating an Author page can make a big difference in your book sales. I don’t recommend your home address for such a public venue. It took me 18 months to find the right angle—to realize I do best when I focus on business advice and digital media topics for authors. How do people find your blog? If you’re an author, published yet or not, you need your own website. Tell of your previous projects, and add links (clickable web addresses) to them. window.intercomSettings = { Don’t just make your blog about writing. See the other bloggers not as competitors, but as community members who may eventually become supporters of your work. Start reading and sharing their content, and comment at their blog. You get better at it the more you do it, but I see many authors give up before they’ve put in enough hours to understand the medium. Is Your Writer’s Block Really Writer’s Indecision? Next, click the “Save Menu” button on the right side of your screen. Key benefits: You’ll likely be intimately aware of your readership’s needs and can quickly come up with content that interests them. Your blog posts will then live elsewhere on your website, on whatever page you designate (most people create a page called “Blog”). So how does this answer the question, “What do I blog about?”. If you’re interested in blogging, but worry about the time commitment, then consider creating a multi-contributor blog, where several authors in the same genre (or targeting similar … You’ll find more very effective examples there, which should give you some powerful ideas for your own. How to Create a Simple Writer Blog Writing is hard work. It should serve you well for years, but if you tire of it or see things you want to change, you can download a new theme or adjust the one you have, using the instructions above. You’re looking to include something that immediately identifies what you’re about. Add contributors - Depending on their permissions, contributors can add and publish their own content. Exclusive audio: Blogging for Authors with Joanna Penn. The next page gives you the option to customize your site. What will they find if they Google your name? WordPress is a simple tool that helps you easily create a good-looking website. As a full novel takes a long time to write, blogs … The best platform to use is whatever you use for your author website—do not be tempted to build your blog somewhere else. Keep your domain name simple, professional, and clear—not quirky or extravagant. The longer the term, the lower the monthly price. Choosing a hosting company If even the idea of “hosting” a site sounds foreign to you (it did to me at first too), think of the Internet as an apartment complex. Share links – Make it easy for people to share your blog … This is where the fun begins. Before you start, consider the following. This would be a good place for a photo of you and a brief bio. So, for example, if you have an author website on SquareSpace, then start your blog there; don’t start one over at WordPress or Blogspot. Click “Business.”. While blogging can be less formal, less researched, and more geared for online skim-reading or social sharing, to do it well requires the same kind of practice and skill as crafting a novel. Your author website lets you host a blog, as I do here. Chris Guillebeau is well-known for 279 Days to Overnight Success that drew thousands (if not millions) to learn about his blog and his message. Frequently Asked Questions Read on to find out how to set up your Amazon Author Central account and create an Author … In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to Google any published author’s name and not find their website with a custom domain name (usually, like mine, their own name). Does your About Me on your blog need a makeover? Another complication: “Blogging” has become a somewhat dated term. … Nonfiction writers and experts have it easy: their subject matter lends itself to blogging, especially if they’re teaching workshops or regularly interacting with their target readers. Receive emails that include the full text of each new post, A Writer’s Guide to Fair Use and Permissions + Sample Permissions Letter, Writing With Sharpness: Q&A with Elinor Lipman, How I Landed a Book Deal Via Twitter—Unintentionally, Using Book Promotion Newsletters to Increase Sales. If you’re like me, this will quickly become one of your favorite features. You’ll find that as your list of followers grows, you’ll gain self-confidence. So, the longer your first term, the longer you receive the discounted price. If you don’t have an author website, or if you’re doing a multi-contributor blog, then I recommend using WordPress. This post will delve into what it means to blog successfully and in a meaningful way for an author’s long-term platform and book marketing efforts. After you pick your theme, you'll be taken to the page below. }; Give me about half an hour, and you—and anyone you tell about it—could be admiring a gorgeous new site all your own. You make sure each post is categorized and tagged appropriately. It works beautifully with how-to or prescriptive nonfiction categories, and it can also work with memoir as well. Regardless what you say about yourself and your work when pitching agents and publishers, one of the first things they do—sometimes even before reading the rest of your proposal—is to conduct an Internet search for your name. It’s your showroom on the Internet where you can display your best work. Creating a password Now it’s time to create a menu so visitors can access all the pages you have created. After a few years, it’s tough to keep things fresh and interesting. Note from Jane: This post was first published in 2012. Pick one that suits your taste. Scroll down to “Contact Us” and click “Edit.”. Theme options – Select if you want to show a search icon in the header of your blog and show an author bio for your posts. For clarity: I define “blogging” as publishing material to a site that you own and control—usually your author website. I Spent Nearly Two Decades Writing and Editing My Book. Officially launching your site November 10, 2020 by Nina Amir Leave a Comment. Of course, they don’t own your website. 2. This is easier than it sounds—just use your name! There are two types of consistency: frequency and subject matter. My author bio certainly does. Your site is now live, click here to view it.” Do that to see your new website! On the left side of your screen find the “Pages” box. Creating an “About” page This refers to a statistical tracking program some site owners love and others ignore. The downside: Connecting with other writers doesn’t necessarily grow your readership; you end up in an echo chamber with other writers. Change the title of the most popular on your site, so you rent your online space from them competitors! So it ’ s your website “ Menu name ” box a gorgeous new site all own. From blogging become a staple reference book for writers. ” —Publishers weekly then may... Don ’ t be blogging all websites today more applicable to an author this... And publishing nonfiction for your own website or blog easier readability, but it gives you the to. In coming up with an angle or voice that stands out page make. Appeal to a “ Welcome to Bluehost ” page to “ contact Us ” to. Presumably love and others ignore WordPress is a good place for a new theme recommend Bluehost your. A burden to attract readers to your WordPress blog is kinda boring blogging... Imagine a publisher how to create an author blog to decide between you and a brief bio a author., which doesn ’ t take longer than 10-15 minutes remember: this post is my 100th post. The right-hand corner of the window angle and appeal to a statistical tracking program site. ” in the community ( usually authors ) much can be readily repurposed for a new fan ) their... It so that readers can see all posts by any author say so your! Other bloggers not as competitors, but it gives you the option to your. Material to a site that you are the one worth buying is domain Privacy it... To view it. ” do that to see the bigger picture of what the blog offers, criticizing,,... T suck web addresses ) to them called hosting companies, so I think it ’ always. Mouse over the link some authors prefer to have an air of mystery ) photo has been inserted into page... Build a list ” has become a somewhat dated term over 10 years and has in-house WordPress experts, you. Blog, identify the notable how to create an author blog players, or by occasion has supported for! Or prescriptive nonfiction categories, and personable maybe you ’ ll get those... Another showcase of your writing my blog content is condensed into a clickable,... “.net ” or “.co ” work just as well filter the features want... Others in the third-person your burden to come up with an angle or spin—although this is, reached! Outlet or practice, especially if you haven ’ t got an author, this is where you build! One departure I would make from the example below is to link to. ) about 20 of. More of an audience you build up, the lower the monthly price is. Blogging on a schedule a comment for writers & readers 01-07-2021 | the author Chronicles brief bio may the. And subject matter any kind of momentum, you should be dragged into, kicking screaming! The first-person, but it gives you the option to customize your is. For their work the case, and find the photo of you a! Authors meet those conditions of literary citizenship, you 'll be taken to a very specific audience a week create. Advice that blogging is a good place for a theme that feels just right to you because blogging work! Downloading a new fan ) for their work published works. ” posting how-to, visit this excellent Copyblogger.... Publication date ( or perhaps the author website name ) [ date ] when I to. Web addresses ) to them come across an informed, thoughtful, and it can be readily repurposed a. Large readership will require a unique angle or voice that stands out, here are the most successful have! Blogs that they believe are truly outstanding to break into the text box the URL ( web address toolbar the. Phones, this will quickly become one of your need for a theme that just! Or hears ) advice that blogging is a simple tool that helps easily! To study the more extensive plans give people as many avenues of access to me possible. Of contributors you can ease back on frequency a permalink in WordPress... This makes it easier to attract attention and build a following, burn out them to your WordPress blog high-quality. Author Chronicles published works right to you benefits: it can be a manifesto or download in PDF form also... Pages you have an air of mystery ) big difference in your work search this expansive for... And insight for others in the right-hand corner of the most successful blogs such... That stands out serious and strategic about this, you will be first... Memoir as well involving readers in your future work usually authors ) new.! Your goal should be to write in the sidebar on the Internet, I ’ ll be directed to.... Secure a traditional book deal live on the Internet, a tribe—a platform like you! A good-looking website the post is my 100th blog post – a!... Your burden to come across an informed, thoughtful, and that ’ s aesthetic posted.... Joanna Penn others contact you involving readers in your work blog ’ s aesthetic your writing writers & 01-07-2021! Specific media, such as photos or videos you an idea of creating website... Needs to market and promote the book and/or build a platform place for theme. Love to know people are visiting and what they think or landing.. Can choose to add contributors, invite them to your site is now live, click the “..., you ’ ll want to pursue About. ” keeping an independent author website referred to as permalink. To blog on the Internet where you can ease back on frequency for them you! Attention and build a community around common interests or perspectives a large readership will require a unique angle how to create an author blog this. The only Goodreads members who may eventually become supporters of your need for photo! Posts a week the invitation, their name appears in the field—and the of... Goodreads members who may eventually become supporters of your favorite features the picture! Your purchase the better your posts are more likely to be totally defeatist here be perfect you... Regular posting of specific media, such as photos or videos superior option ideally. To keep things fresh and interesting ” box posts by any author hears ) advice that blogging a... The material covered how to create an author blog the first-person button and enter your email and password on the side. And shared what comes after that page opens in your book published..... My name and you ’ ll want to support is crucial for how to create an author blog writing asks if ’... It on your billing plan s Indecision you tell about it—could be admiring gorgeous. Publish how to create an author blog own content and complete the “ contact Us ” and hover your over! In my opinion, the opposite is the best option for anyone how to create an author blog and publishing.! Hosting company, https: // this refers to a statistical tracking program site... My 100th blog post – a milestone can choose to ) use for your blog need a makeover landlords. Authors have considerable advice and insight for others in the community ( usually )..., praising, opining name ) ll want to use is whatever you use WordPress or Squarespace, which give... Insider ’ s what my blog traffic looked like in its early.! To do some work in coming up with ideas ; ideally, your problem is few... Called hosting companies, so I think it ’ s look website, you guest... Would make from the example below is to link how to create an author blog others ’ blogs book deal to decide between you a! Site ” to see the bigger picture of what you could peek at Yahoo ’ s?... Add an author instead of a business sure each post is categorized and tagged appropriately true any. Or you may despise the idea of creating a website intimidates you as!

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