The colours go from pearl grey to very light pearl grey. Who is online. Cross stitch door drafter stoppers was in one of the gold magazine back issue and the pattern was (Pretty pansies) Hope to hear from anybody, i take these patterns and do in lego and they are beautiful pieces of work. I could provide a photo of the part I have completed if that would be helpful. Kids Patriotic I finished most of Chorus Line by Valerie Pfeiffer except for a few symbols I am not sure of. I want to do a cross stitch I have had an idea for. I really need this to complete the project. I think it was published in the 1980 s or 1990 s. I would love to find a copy of it. I received an Artiste Stamped Cross Stitch kit as a gift. I have some of the materials for the project and am seeking someone I can pay to stitch it for me. Other, Reply to this Message I used some floss I had gotten at a thrift store and I don't have enough to finish this project. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Nov 10, Reply to this Message Yarn Tree is a long-standing company that not only offers up wonderful products but also great tutorials, free patterns, and solid advice. I find stitching very difficult at night and can't believe that I'm the only one. Enjoy our free pattern maker, multimedia area with thousands of videos, member blogs, photo albums and much more. Hello, i would like to make a Christmas stocking. Is there a pattern that used most or some of these colors? Bad news was that this section now... Hi, does anyone know of a way to convert the Anchor floss supplied in a Luca-S kit to DMC? Topics Posts Last post; Welcome Welcome to our forum. -- View Replies (2) -- modified Oct 17, Reply to this Message I recently acquired a lot of cross stitching supplies at an estate sale. I was able able to identify each number with the help of the DMC/Ancor Chart, but 1. I am running out of certain colours on the pack it says ecology cotton floss. See more ideas about cross stitch funny, message board quotes, house. to keep this site going is from your purchases. I have checked many places, in stores and on-line, and cannot finda piece sold that is cut LARGER than 15x18. I've been working on a baby bib for a friend's cousin. Cats Not a... Help please . -- View Replies (5) -- modified Aug 07, Reply to this Message Occasions Not needed but thought it would be a real challenge. We just ask you to keep things fun. On the 12th of February 2013 this was swapped over to a new company. Thank you, Paula. Wondering if any one had the pattern for Janlynn"s Mother's Prayer. I now know tons of stylish young women, even in urban areas, who knit their own fashion accessories. -- View Replies (3) -- modified Sep 15, Reply to this Message If interested, I can send you a photo and the pattern for a price quote. Does anyone have a copy of Nora Corbett's Lady of the Flag that they would like to get rid of? -- View Replies (1) -- modified Sep 19, Reply to this Message I am looking for: Bravo (4-ply) A102-irises Hi-lights H602-gold Treasure braid petite. Seasons I just want a PDF pattern if someone is willing to make it I will pay for pattern. I would like to use some of the Christmas patterns I have to make bread covers but, I don't know how to adjust the patterns to the diagonal. I'm starting a cross stitch pattern that I want to personalize on the top and the bottom. I have the pattern and floss, but no pattern code for the design. If anyone has any leads on any of these patterns, I would be forever grateful. Scenery I have a "million" Xmas stocking cross stitch patterns the face "right". Thanks! Also, if you don't see a specific designer forum, post the info (your question or comment) here!! Iso plantation Sampler by Canterbury Designs. Finished size about 2 1/2 in. It was the 100 skein pkg. -- View Replies (2) -- modified Dec 20, Reply to this Message I don t know the name, artist or publisher. They are from the 70s I think. I have been searching for a 1/2 to 1 yard of 14 ct Aida cloth in Pistachio Very Light (DMC 369). Western Sadly it doesn't have a chart, so I can't finish it . I have contacted DMC and their Archive does not have this pattern. Thanks in advance for suggestions. My brother has been awarded this honour and I want to capture it but I cannot get anything to look right! Fantasy I can purchase the pattern online. Seaside But I have one, and I can't wait to start it! I decided to fill in the background of my cross stitch. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Jul 28, Reply to this Message Fish I have not been able to find any conversion charts for DMC to Loops & Threads (Michael's Brand) embroidery thread for cross stitch. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Aug 19, Reply to this Message Per month One Time Only. -- View Replies (2) -- modified Nov 18, Reply to this Message It states" Separate skeins into single strands and then thread the needle with the number of strands required... just noticed your question sorry but,i usually use a #24 with blunt end... Is there an easy way of stitching with metallic thread without it unraveling? It is currently Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:14 pm. Cross-stitch isn't very popular right now in my area, either, but neither was knitting 10 years ago. Thank you very much! General. Been searching for it for 25 years. Thank you so very much for your time and efforts. 45 Topics 207 Posts Last post Online Pharmacy. Thank you... Hi, I've just finished a bread cloth and don't know what to do with the backside. Simple even weave gleaming white. That so much. I'm searching for a couple of older (at least 30 years old) pattern booklets with cross stitch patterns of a child doing different hobbies such as playing baseball, riding a bike, etc. I know it was a limited edition so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone stitched it, still has a copy, but is ready to part with it. Please note: We did have a small message board of 200 people. Now I want to finish that afghan for a future great grandchild (I turn 80 in Jan), but have lost Dee s booklet. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Jul 24, Reply to this Message It's on aida cloth and in the process of taking out stitches, I accidentally cut two strands on the weave in the aida cloth. Primitives Regular cross stitching the pattern and hiding them will not be a problem but a challenge. I know it s a long shot, as these have been discontinued for some time, but I simply can t afford the prices people are asking when these show up on eBay. Dogs The windows are shown in their own pattern separate from the cottage pattern. Can provide pic if you are interested. Caption Maker tool. Any ideas? Spirit Board | Cute Needle Minder|Cross Stitch|Notion|Magnetic Needle Minder |Needle Holder| Embroidery |Cross Stitch Gift| ZoHoStitches. One Nation Under God - Cross Stitch Pattern. Up on the 4th level they have all sorts of embroidery supplies, as well as yarn, fabrics, buttons, etc. ... Could some one please help me find 1 or 2 skeins of this floss. I hope someone can help me. Thanks Denise... Hello, could someone help me to know what brand of thread are the following numbers, since the pattern is in Italian and does not bring the brand. 273,459 People visited this site from July 1, 1997 to July 1, 1999! Currently working on Italian Lemons produced by Kooler Designs for Hobby Lobby. Thank you. I am searching for the book by The Primitive Needle - Cape Cod Girls - thanks! Could you please tell me the steps on how to do it. I had started it but she passed away rather suddenly and i was unable o finish it. I think light pearl grey would be ideal but it doesn’t exist. I purchased Dee s booklet in 1994 and used it for the first three rows of Graphworks International Afghan Safari II . I bought a cross stitch set which was made in china by Joy Sunday. General. Free I just want to clear up some questions posted here about copyright: I am looking for a crosstitch pattern I saw some time ago. I bought DMC thread from my local craft shop and it is not the same... Could you update the DMC color list with the new colors that have been incorporated and that begin with “0”? I have several Heirloom Santa kits by Willmaur Crafts Corp which is out of business. Problem is it stands out from the unsewn aida. The back stitching shows (2X), except for the Coffee Brown. Of course I am happy to pay - within reason. Last visit was: Most users ever online was 1731 on Total posts 90826 • Total topics 7636 • Total members 15100 • Our newest member MiroslavzoN I am looking for the Dimensions gold Glad Tidings (8564) cross stitch stocking and the Dimensions Gold Santa s Wildlife (8566)stocking kits or partial kits (even just the charts and thread color list) for a reasonable price. -- View Replies (2) -- modified Aug 09, Reply to this Message Best, Beau. Com, I am looking to purchase a cross stitch pattern by Jardin Prive called Eqiulibrios. I am looking for the 1998 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue. Good morning, I have a question on using a 28 size needle. The pattern i have shows the finished product on a red 18 x 18 bread cloth. It has a free Emma Congdon booklet that I would be really keen to get. Thanks... Hi. Hi. I am looking for a Raise the Roof cross stitch graph Called Crabby All Year. Does anyone know if they are no longer in business? Thanks ... Has anybody order floss and aida cloth from the DMC Company during the lockdown. Thank you. The aida cloth is a specific color and I'm having trouble finding something comparable. How do I center the name and birth date on the pattern. No advertisements, sales-related, or social media postings allowed. Sorry this is so vague! Is there a uniform code for colors? Great to have you here! They don't list the names/numbers of the floss, just the chart symbols appear on the cards of floss. Great online Cross Stitch resource -- Thousands of leaflets, kits, fabric, afghans, baby items, monthly contest, message board, and much more! Looking forward to checking the rest of your site. I just want my overall output to be 3 inches x 10 inches on the fabric. Does anyone know what I m talking about and where can I even buy one online .. Like add more fabric?? Does anyone have the color symbils for Bedfordshire kit 1998 from classic Embroidery kit number SA142, Will someone please make a design for me. But I would like to hide the stitches. Starting I will use the hidden stitch. -- View Replies (3) -- modified Jul 21. I'm sewing an ambitious project, but i could do with some hints and tips - I always sew from left to right but there are a lot of different colours in each line. Would love to know what everyone else does or uses. Can someone please help me out.. It is the twelve days of Christmas stacked on top each other to form a Christmas tree, I think it must have come from a magazine. This color stands out too much in the finished work. I am looking for Lizzie Kate Wendell the Warlock. TY. They gave the color number but in anchor. Does anyone have the directions for the Dimentions pillowcase Butterflies and ferns 72967? Thanks! If you don't want to miss out on any changes or events planned for the upcoming year sign up for my monthly newsletter! Bless this day with a pot of African violets. We always have so many things going on here how to trade bitcoin in south africa, stitching, chatting, getting ready for the Pals Fall Fling being held October 15th - 19th in Myrtle Beach, SC! It seems to be 4 pages long . The chart just gives me the name of the color, but not a number of any kind. Farm How do you do that. Hi. from your own text! I am new at cross stitching. Thanks, I am looking for Aunt Demmys baby and strawflower Patterns by j OBryan. Egyptian Please advise!! Music Thanks.... Hello, I recently received skeins of DMC thread 150-169. My husband passed January 31, 2020 and I am getting back to doing some cross stitching. I'm only doing an full stitch outline in it. Wrong move !!!! On your site it is called Black Avocado Green, but in the picture i am sawing, its called DK.Olive Green. This is where to ask. Can you help me. I was wondering if someone could recommend a color of 32 count or 28 count evenweave to stitch this series on, I don’t stitch on line and I don’t have a LNS so it’s hard to judge the color of fabric on line. Cross Stitch email list - send an email message to with the following message typed in the BODY of the email: subscribe xstitch. cross-stitcher send mail to and in the body of the message type: subscribe cross-stitcher There was a separate booklet for boys and girls. Would be looking to get a PDF pattern that I can download and print out. Easter -- View Replies (3) -- modified Aug 04, Reply to this Message Do I cover it with something? Searching for an old pattern. Does anyone know what that is equivalent to in DMC floss. I have tried an online pattern generator but can't make it work. And counting 19 boxes on the fabric DOES NOT give me the 3 inches height that I want. Any help would be great! I've always used 2 or 3 strands of floss when embroidering pillowcases and dish towels. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Oct 01, Reply to this Message -- View Replies (1) -- modified Nov 30, Reply to this Message to either DMC or Coates embroidery floss? See more ideas about Cross stitch funny, Message board quotes, Subversive cross stitch. I would appreciate help in understanding what calculations I need to make. Occupations Arts I recently purchased a counted cross stitch kit from Europe. I would like the stocking in time to for the baby to be able to have it up for his first Christmas. Does anyone have for sale or know where I can find the following Teresa Wentzler's patterns: *Legends of the Spellcasters *The Princess & The Dragon *The Minstrel *The Fortunate Traveler *Fantasy Sampler *Above the Clouds *Enchanter *The Guardian *Legends of the Spellcasters *Tracery Dragons. I have a counted cross stitch project that I finished some time ago & has turned yellow (originally used white Aida cloth). I am finishing this cross stitch of six birds, starting the outline stitches. Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 26. I am looking for white evenweave fabric that is not Aida. ... i am sawing a picture which name is "Japanese garden", and i need a color for it which is the number 16270. Hi there. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Aug 17, Reply to this Message Support Rainbow Stitching Cross Stitch Message Board by making a donation. None of the 3 cross stitch programs include any opportunity to use colors made by Bucilla. Many thanks for a reply. I had to take out and start over on a project (miscounted majorly on first attempt). This piece was to be for my mother as it was her favorite poem. Wondering if anyone clever is able to take an image/design I have in mind and make it a cross stitch pattern for me? Hope someone remembers. I am looking to see if anyone has graphed out a poem in crosstitch from the Memory of Missing Smiles Park entitled "To Honor You"? Please take a minute to sign our guestbook. The threader I have doesn't fit in the hole so I used a regular sewing needle threader and after several times it broke. Any ideas of places to search besides etsy and amazon? Would someone verify my thinking, please? I have a baby announcement/ birth record that is counted cross stitch. Cross-Stitching Message Board Per Page: of 8 Next . No Spam or get-rich-quick schemes. Think I can locate one of them online No Way Can I .. Not even on eBay. Cannot find these colors. Cross Stitch Corner General Board This forum is for general discussion of all aspects of cross stitch. Thanks either way! Cross-stitch could come back into its … About 2 years ago , I bought a half finished kit on a frame from a charity shop . Does anyone know where I can order Charles Craft 14 ct. Stardust Gold aida cloth that is LARGER than 15x18"? No obscene or "adult" related messages or bad language. Cross Stitch and needlework supplies from It uses Gamma threads. Help finding someone that can cross stitch Christmas stockings and birth records for my children like my grandma made for me. Statistics. It matches the Scottish Piper kit I have done. Thank you, Connie... Good day all, I received interbird tread each colour with a number. I bought this kit and lost the page with the directions, so I have a pattern and thread but don't know what the color symbols mean. I was hoping it would help with healing if I could finally finish it as I have hung on to it for all of these years. has anyone any dieas where i could get it. I have started the outline sheet, no problems there. I have just acquired a ton of vintage threads and can't find conversion charts. Any help would be appreciated. I have several, with No. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Oct 29, Reply to this Message It's not way complicated, I am just horrible on a computer and I get anxiety bad. Do I center it from the toe part or from the sock part ? It should be a lighter color.The picture on the kit cover shows a lighter color. Can I add to pieces of aida cloth together to add length to the material? I... Hello, all! She's so talented and I would love to stitch all of them! Please email me and thanks very much. The floss list just has names listed as the DMC floss. Thanks for any help you and give!! Thanks, I am hoping to hire someone to do a cou nted cross stitch Christmas stocking from a kit. It is a poem which begins "I opened a book today" and at the bottom is a shelf of books.The poem is about the love of reading and I want to do it for my grandson. People When I count the squares to find the center of the chart, do I count the personalizing too? Can anyone help me with that? I am out of the color pale grey. I am a newbie, and I am not sure if my calculations are right? -- View Replies (1) -- modified Dec 31, Reply to this Message 5 out of 5 stars (233) 233 reviews. I have started a cross stitch that I am almost done but the aida fabric isn't enough to finish the project. It had to many counts. I haven't done it in a long time because I can't see the patterns very well. Whimsy I am working on Dimensions Peaceful Silhouette, and have run out of #6096 - Gold. Thank you. Thank you. Southwest Hello - I am trying to locate Hester's Needle charts so please let me know if you have any or know of a shop offering them. 2020 Schooler Santa - Cross Stitch Pattern. Is there anything I can do? Message Board: Today's Most Popular Items. Any info or help would be appreciated. Is there any way I... Hi, Wonder if you could help? I m looking for Dimensions Gettysburg and Forever Treasures The South Sampler. However, the conversion chart here says that Dimensions #6096 is Tan, and I noticed that there isn't a "Gold" on the Dimensions conversion chart. I stopped doing cross stitch years ago and just recently got back into it. For over 20 years we have remained ad-free, so our only income The items are produced by Dimensions, Artecy Cross Stitch, Imaginating and others priced from $3.39 to $37.05. I am looking for a pattern and or kit of Dimensions 8462 Toy Tree Skirt, can anyone help? Am willing to pay for it. I am looking for red bread cloths to cross stitch. Can anyone help me? Please help in regards to J & P Coats BF017 silver filament to DMC filament/floss. I found a counted cross stitch and my local thrift store. I have a kit that includes 28 count evenweave (which I have never used), and it specifies to stitch over two threads, but I want to change out the fabric and stitch on 14 count aida cloth. Am now in the process of removing the said stitches. I have been cross stitching a Bucilla cross stitch called Spirit Woman #70218 and the face chart does not match the design chart. I have seen a stamped cross stitch kit that I like and would like to convert it to counted cross stitch. Try our Caption Maker: with 20 variegated, and 80 solid. I am looking for someone who could quote on doing a cross stitch for me. Every time, I input those parameters, the pattern output still gives me 19 boxes (height) to work with. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Sep 03, Reply to this Message I'm doing an Artiste American Sampler cross stitch. ... Can someone tell me what is the best # needle size to use for doing counted cross-stitch on 14 count white Aida cloth? You don't need to be a gallery owner to post so pick a board and join in the discussions. Hi, I am hoping to hire somebody to make a stocking in the same style as his sibling's stocking. The chart included with the kit has no floss numbers. I have a pre-stamped and pre-quilted baby quilt. To locate past posts on a specific topic, simply enter the word or words in the field below and click the Search button. Thanks, Sara... I’m starting a cross stitch Christmas stocking. Only July 1, 1999, we became Some needles I have, the tip is too round which makes it hard to poke through the hole when other stitches are there, and the eye is... My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a wonderful son named Avett. I have the top of the pattern but have lost the bottom and have already started the piece. It came with some thread however I need more but the project doesn't specify what brand of floss they included. it two kitten in a basket I been working on it and all the colors are darker then what shows in pic. Will buy magazine if you have it. Does anyone have a chart showing the bucilla numbers and the bucilla floss color names? It seems to be of a river scene with a large tree with yellow leaves on one side and a spruce/ pine tree on the other side . -- View Replies (1) -- modified Nov 16, Reply to this Message I know what type of image i'm looking to have created, but i don't have a program to do it. The worked part of the pattern measures 6 inches square on 18 count Aida cloth. PB03-gold I would appreciate any help you can give me. Welcome to the message boards! 5% of the Gold Points will … Noticed a stain I couldn't get out with hand washing, so I used a q-tip dipped in bleach. Looking for Stoney Creek Autumn 2015 magazine or the pattern of the snowman with the birds to buy. Is there any where to go to find this? -- View Replies (2) -- modified Dec 30, Reply to this Message In search of a Blackbird Design called Summer Jubilee. Thank you for your help, Looking to purchase Mill Hill Autumn Gathering leaflet. I've emailed them asking them... Is there such a thing as a conversion chart from Clark's O.N.T. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. I'm looking for Patterns by Marty Links from the Kidlinks series. So it has x\. Message boards for the discussions of cross-stitching, pattern requests, and general talk. Something not too busy that can be personalized and with general Christmas things like Santa or a tree. I am looking for the materials list for a Kustom Krafts pattern by Dyan Allaire called Autumn Wolf Encounter - floss numbers and cross stitch fabric size. Hi guys! This is the place to introduce yourself, if you wish. purchased the subscription for caption maker but still doesn't recognize the purchase. -- View Replies (2) -- modified Nov 08, Reply to this Message My grandmother, his great grandmother, had been working on what she called the "Fish Picture" ever since I can remember and had planned to gift it to her first great grandchild. I would like to find the directions for Bucilla 40660 Instrument of Peace. Please reply. I started a Christmas afghan a VERY long time ago. I am looking for a booklet of state wildflower cross stitch patterns. Check out their nine-stitch-tall cross stitch alphabet for your next project. I have had several different colors of the thread in the kits break mid stitching. I am looking for a particular copy of Cross stitch Crazy...issue 231. I have a pattern where next to the key code it states the number of the skein how many there are but also in brackets (1sk& 6) have no idea what this means. Vehicles I used to subscribe to CROSS COUNTRY STITCH MAGAZINE on and off for a few years and when I went to their website to re-subscribe, it says it is not available. Your best source for stitching supplies, needlework fabrics, specialty threads and everything cross stitch! ... Add a Private Message Send Award. Note: Any discussions regarding the distribution of any copy-written materials will be removed. How do you thread a 28 size needle. I am making a Christmas stocking & several places on my pattern I have these directions: \ to indicate I’m going to outline stitch a diagonal stitch across the square-but underneath they have a color — say x=dark green. It would be about 10x20 and be words surrounded by a vine type border. I'm looking for the DMC floss list for: Southwest Still Life by Ann Craig.... Hi a little bit new to cross-stitch. I purchased the kit Loving Hands from 123 Stitch. Hi .. -- View Replies (1) -- modified Oct 13, Reply to this Message I am looking for the 1998 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue. -- View Replies (3) -- modified Nov 18, Reply to this Message I don't like using kit floss and I am planning on stitching this pattern 7 times and donating them to 7 different Crisis Pregnanty Centers in my area. And other colors too! Reply to this Message -- View Replies (1) -- modified Dec 05; Nancy Ernst from Red Bank, NJ-- Nov 21, 2020 It's number is 3857, the colour is a Rusty Brown. Does anyone have such a thing that they have finished with that I could borrow or buy please? Anyone got... © 2003-2021 On the last count, there were about 30 forums, and so we’ve reviewed and ordered the list from the most active community to least active community, based on a test every day for 28 days. Small Sep 22, 2020 - Explore Michael Dauplaise's board "Around the House", followed by 1395 people on Pinterest. Bucilla tells me floss # 2740 converts to DMC #3041. Thousands of items in stock and low shipping every day! I started a dresser scarf cross stitch. I grid my larger pieces by running sewing threads 10 blocks apart in both directions to make counting easier and safer. I've had no luck finding one. (13918 Patterns Total) Page 1 of 928: Next Page: Sorted By: I am looking for someone who is familiar with Dee s Reverse-Eeze method of reversible cross stitch, and is willing to share that method with me. Thanks... ok so i was at a local thrift store and purchased some boxes of floss i thought was all DMC but it turns out that more than half is a brand i have never even heard off Lily any advice as to a conversion chart thank susan... Good morning I'm starting a new cross point work kit 41196, tells me to use 3 strands, apart from that in the needle present in the kit do not enter, in the intersection of the points nn remain thick ?

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