The threads are more likely to wear from oil changes over time. The only thing I did different this time, is that I forgot to change the washer on the drain plug. You might have lost a drop or two of oil. You can also go to a parts store and see if they have a helicoil (Heal Lee Coil). Thread Repair kit sizes below will repair that drain plug size. So I too replaced that plate with the one from TPO with the o-ring. Aug 26, 2020. The drain plug is located on the underside of your BMW, in the oil pain. When I had the dealer do the first service I had them install a magnetic drain plug just as I have done several times on other bikes. I have a 2002 540i with a leaking oil drain plug. How to Find a German Auto Repair Dealer Alternative Your oil drain plug. Some other common BMW oil leaks that we see are from the oil filter housing gasket and timing cover gasket. Awhile agowhen I had a Hionda Accord, I took it to garage for oil change. You need to go back to that oil place and have them buy you a new oil pan. I took the car back but they. Why Choose an Independent BMW Repair Shop and Not the Dealer? What is the best method to fix a leaking oil drain plug? YourMechanic Price $80 to $90 Labor: $80 -$90 Parts: $0 Average Dealer price $105 Average Shop price $97 Get an instant quote for your car. How Keeping up with Scheduled Auto Maintenance Saves You Money 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Does it Cost More to Maintain a European Vehicle? Continue with Facebook . When the oil is changed, there are two important items that receive attention. The seal (Fig. 8. Find a CL ad parting out an e36 and take that oil pan. Be sure to follow your vehicle's scheduled maintenance calendar and you'll likely be good to go. Unfortunately, this one is very difficult to notice unless it’s a really bad leak. I've had a few friends that have had issues with the oil change stations and the staff that performs the oil change job not doing a profesional job. Huh..why am I not suprised. My suggestion is to open the oil pan plug. If the drain plug isn’t put back in correctly, that could also cause a leak. We’ll take a look to see if the drain plug is on correctly. ... 2004 Rebel 250, 2003 BMW K1200GT (roadburner), 2004 BMW R1200GS(all purpose), 1973 Norton Interstate (in a box in the basement) The oil filter housing gasket is on the driver’s side of the engine and is located where the oil filter housing mounts to the engine block. Chris Harris - BMW Sales Representative Any advice on what the problem is? The last thing you want is for the plug to fail completely and unexpectedly dump all your oil out. 6 people found this helpful. The most typical place for engine oil to leak is out of any seal or gasket, including: the valve cover gasket, timing cover gasket, front crankshaft seal, rear crankshaft seal, or oil pan gasket. Why Choose an Independent BMW Repair Shop and Not the Dealer? What is the best method to fix a leaking oil drain plug? Defective oil drain plug gasket; Improperly installed oil filter; Oil cooler line corrosion; Damaged gasket; Damaged oil pan; Damaged piston . This oil will leak down the front of the engine and underneath to the right side as one BMW mechanic suggested. 4 Mercedes Benz Problems You Need to Know Staying on top of leaks will help to prevent any engine damage. Common Symptoms of Engine Trouble Top Electrical Problems of the Audi A4 Not sure if it was a BMW or aftermarket one but after I got home I noticed it leaking so I tighten it to specs & it quit. Free video on how to change the oil and oil filter in a 2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i 2.0L 4 Cyl. For the OP, you'd need to drain the oil and take a look if there are threads deeper in, unless someone is able to tell you with authority that all the oil pan's threads are used with the factory BMW drain plug. When to Suspect Suspension Trouble Or, you just might need a new drain plug. or sign up with email About this Discussion. Model. It's pretty much what any of us do when we find that the cheerful chappie down at the BMW shop has dumped too much oil into the crankcase. Turbo including oil filter, drain plug, dipstick and oil … An engine oil leak may be noticed after an oil and filter change on some 2017-2019 Cruze and 2018-2019 Equinox and Terrain models equipped with the 1.6L 4-cylinder diesel engine (RPO LH7).

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