So enough w/ this pushcart BS. Well said and you are spot on with price of powered carts. To unfold you simply lift the handle and in moves into place. So we were a bit skeptical about this particular push cart. BagBoy Questions . Not the best from Mygolfspy. And while it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to golf push carts, there has to be a worthwhile improvement out there, right? You can tilt the handle to almost any angle for your comfort. That said, I’m sure there is a contingent out there who prefer to manually open/close garage doors and don’t find escalators challenging enough. And without any bags, balls, scorecards or accessories, it weighs just over 16 pounds. The assembly is easy enough that you won’t need any tool for it. The list is endless. It folds up with just one button to push; a 1000x easier than my previous Clickgear. We all have different physical needs. MAINTENANCE SERVICE MANUAL - Bag Boy Company was published by on 2015-12-19. The Bag Boy Nitron is a golf cart that is worthy of the name that has been a legacy in the golf push cart industry. It’s a small thing that’s actually a pretty big thing. The Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart features Nitro-Piston Technology which provides a lightening fast, easy one-step process to open the cart.The Nitron is lightweight and has a compact size when folded, so you can easily transport and store it. The standard pushcart is somewhere in the middle of the helmet-minivan spectrum but we might be getting to the point where it’s the best choice for walking golfers. That wasn’t a problem with the lightweight frame of the BagBoy Nitron. Probably get stuck back in the garage once restrictions are lifted and folks can ride again. It’s not only that the Nitron is easy to operate. Most of my rounds are on my home course; it plays about 7,100 yards & even though I play from the shorter tees, I’ll still end up walking most of the ‘back tee’ distance. In the case of the Bag Boy Nitron pushcart, the nitrogen canister had to produce sufficient oomph in opening the cart without making it impossible to close. This is a very basic, easy to use 3-wheel push cart. Your comment is successfully posted. Features a nitrogen-power piston that opens the cart in one simple step. Nah, that’s what I paid for my last set of irons on sale. if you can’t manually fold/unfold your cart without “gas assist” you shouldn’t be playing the game. Don’t tell me it can’t be done, it’ll tip over, etc. Regarding the single rider carts, now there I agree with you 100%. Actually, the Nitron could have launched 12 months earlier, but Klevana says it wasn’t 100-per-cent ready. to open and fold a push cart? Featuring Nitro Piston Technology - a patented nitrogen powered auto assist open mechanism; Opens and folds in seconds; Featuring Top-Lok Technology - a patented bag-to-cart attachment system the prevents twisting and turning *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. A lot of times with heavier carts, the wheels get sort of stuck in moist turf and it’s hard to push it out. It can take months to generate a viable design and that’s before any considerations are made for supply-chain requirements, material sourcing or changes in market dynamics. The extra bells and whistles like a bag on the cart would be nice, but i have bought accessories to fill that void. Why carry your golf bag around the course when you could use a push/pull cart or electric cart? I received the Bag Boy Quad XL a few years ago for my birthday and loved it. If you are not sold on the BagBoy Nitron take a look at some of these other high quality push carts. To see how the Nitron opens, watch the video located below the product description. I contemplated buying a three wheel golf cart to use at my local. My cart took a swan dive into a pond while I was chipping onto the green last summer. Overall we like how the BagBoy Nitron worked on the courses we tried it on. Being a user of a pushcart every day, improving the opening and closing of my pushcart would certainly not convince me to buy a new one. So we were a bit skeptical about this particular push cart. It’s a sad day…. Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart $259.99. Im still rockin the bagboy compact c3. Eliminating the time it takes to open and the nuisance that often comes along with other carts is one of the top reasons the Nitron is ground-breaking. This article tried my patience .– and won! For a baby stroller, remaining nimble in a crowded department store is a competitive shopping advantage. With the Nitron, Bag Boy went all-in on a convenience opportunity it believed was there. It was in a slightly beat up Bag Boy box but it had never been opened and all of the pieces were in their original packaging; I was very pleasantly surprised. $259.95 New. Missed me with that one. Having limited space in my trunk, a cart that folds up into a really small package is a must. We also noticed that the wheels didn’t get sunk into the moist turf which we liked. It was a deeper look at the process behind and differentiating features of a specific product. It looks sleek on the course. It can be easy to get wrapped up in golf cart gimmicks that at the end of the day, aren’t really worth it. Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Caddie $1,495.00. $270 for a cart? The rear wheels can be locked in place via a handbrake that is mounted just to the left of the handle bars. Meh… It was more so the admission that for walking golfers, the first and last thing they do is opening and closing the pushcart. Corkcicle 16oz Canteen November 11, 2019. But, wanted to know if Clay Ballard has been rated , or his Top Speed Golf site? The brakes held strong when the cart was at rest and it held heavy bags pretty handily. I would recommend the cart to anyone who pushes, but I would also recommend bagboy fix this design issue, As for those those snarky comments about pushing a cart, I was a diehard carrier…..however, when you are 60, & have had back issues, pushing takes a ton of pressure off my back & allows me to play every day and maintain a 5 handicap. Nitrogen gas is typically used in welding and to pressurize pipelines and process food. Recent Products. The Cube Cart 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart is very small and lightweight. So is the gullibility. The Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart is a revolutionary new push cart with an automatic open feature unlike anything else on the market. Really? If the typical cart takes eight to 10 steps and 25 to 30 seconds to get ready, shaving a couple of seconds and a step or two isn’t going to qualify as revolutionary. It couldn’t be a one-motion solution if locking the front wheel required additional steps. $259.95 New. The problem is that without an obvious and actionable alternative, the status quo remains. No reason i see to upgrade from a c3, unless you have the 20 step clicgear. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. I look forward to MSG reviews but this one is all over the place. legitimately laughed out loud to this: “Let’s leave the kids in the car for a moment and focus on the important issue: golf.”. So is the BagBoy Nitron just another gimmicky push golf cart? The assembly took me less than 5 minutes. Thumbs up for the Nitron! Hi, I am Matthew, a mid handicap golfer who likes to play as much as possible. What sets this push cart apart from previous models is in fact, in the name itself, Nitron. I love trying out new gear and this blog is where you can find all the gear I have tested over the years! Thank You for Your Reply! It’s good real estate for sponsors of professional extreme sport athletes and a place to showcase stickers from different resorts or brands. As Australia's premier golf retailer for over 40 years, Drummond Golf has been providing the largest range of the world’s leading golf brands at competitive prices. Trust me on this. If you have ever tried to fold and unfold a clic gear cart, you will understand, 2) it folds up so small, I can put it into the back of my 2015 mustang convertible & put my bag & shoes into the trunk as well, 3) It is easy to clean, and lastly it is very easy to push. How about spikes so we can aerate the fairways as we push merrily along? Whatever happened to “if you play golf, you are my friend.”. Quad Series Electric Push Carts. Folded Dimensions: 19″ x … Bag Boy (and parent company Dynamic Brands) isn’t a flashy organization. And how about disc wheels instead of all of those spokes? Dragging around a heavy bag or iron golf clubs gets tiring. It’s that it’s easier to open/close than competing pushcarts. The truth just sounds different.". This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published). The battery alone weighs about 20 pounds but ,by golly, this does the business, for at least 27 holes. The top and bottom brackets take my large carry bag easily, with space for the foot mechanism of the bag. I decided to try the push cart again. I been walking for years but early on I had a push cart. Do you really think if professional tours didn’t have caddies, players would be double-strapping and lugging a bag all over the course? That is the biggest time consumer for me after a round. So yes, they are very closely related indeed. Full-Featured Console. What golfers who walk really want is nitrogen powered gizmo that goes 27 holes and does not cost $2000 more like $500. Of course with “Safer at Home” in place I’m doing neither. where would you go to get a canister full of nitrogen? Get to the point and do a straghtforward review. If it flutters and ultimately fails, it’s a sunk cost. As someone else mentioned, it’s extremely compact when folded. 2020 Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Price: $499.99; Parts lists, instruction manuals, and diagrams for golf push carts, golf bags, and accessories from Bag Boy golf company. I guess now would be a good time to clarify that compressed nitrogen isn’t like the propane tank on your grill. And it would be cool to see which players pimp their carts. My kids are getting me a trolley for my birthday in April. We put this push cart through its paces on two of our local golf courses for two full rounds of play. I play a ton of golf (walking w/ a pushcart whenever the course allows). I bet you’re still wondering about the strollers. The Nitron Piston Technology transforms the Nitron from a compact folded cart into an open and ready to go in seconds. But over time, minivans try to look less like a minivan in an effort to be a little less “soccer mom” and a little more rugged SUV. Is Clay related to another Golf Pro, like Jimmy Ballard? Most courses only allow walking during this pandemic so push carts are alive and well right now., and prices are pretty much at list due to demand. It pretty much does all the work itself. “The team worked through double-digit finished prototypes,” says Pat Gallagher, Project Manager on the Bag Boy Nitron design, “and it wasn’t ever a sure thing that this was actually going to work.” There’s always an up-front investment a company makes to get a project off the ground. I’ve owned a tri swivel for three years and the durability has been quite poor. I’ve also played many premium and/or resort courses where you CAN’T walk. This lightweight push cart features Nitro Piston Technology that provides a patented nitrogen powered auto assist open mechanism for easy opening and closing in seconds. How could it be sooooo many words without explaining… Clearly… What it is. Let’s start with the basics. I understood golf cart, nitrogen, baby strollers and minivans. The Bag Boy Nitron Push Buggy is designed with a revolutionary lightning fast nitro-piston technology, that allows for it to spring open from a folded position instantaneously and hassle-free. Remember those infomercials from the 1990s? With golf courses closed here in PA “virus effect” I guess this read is better than nothing at all. “It might be objectively boring but we’re just plugging away, working to do what’s right for the consumer.” Whether that means a product goes to market in July, October or something the next year is secondary to being completely satisfied with the outcome. Love ’em. I have owned and liked many manual push carts over the years, and ease of unfolding and folding were low on my priority list. like the mini van reference…. At the 2019 PGA Show, Bag Boy introduced the Nitron Auto-Open push cart. That’s the grail. Select Reason . Done and done. Beyond that lost patience as I read and read and read and made it somehow to the end without understanding what this all is. I noticed a trend with these golf apps I was struggling with the last 4 to 5 holes. Reason #3 - You Can Appreciate the Little Things. Maybe they can put nitrogen in the buttons on your video game or computer keyboard so one does not overwork themselves.. Wow. Seriously, do the tires actually need a tread pattern? The handle apparatus features a console on which a full scorecard can be held. We can’t all carry or have enough money to ride, so whatever gets us out there with our friends and let’s us play our great game is a step forward. Compressed nitrogen (think lift supports on a hatchback of a vehicle) make it easier to move something one direction without making it too difficult to move it the other direction. Moreover, it’s not like Bag Boy is the only company working to refine designs, add features, reduce the size/weight and offer more accessories. According to Leighton Klevana, Dynamic Brands CEO and founding partner, the Nitron pushcart was  intended to create something “innovative and technically superior to what’s on the market.”. Features: Bag Boy Push Cart Seat • Padded seat for maximum comfort • Durable construction and wide base for added stability • Simple assembly… just remove wheel and attach two screws! I think if PGA players didn’t have caddies they would be riding in carts. I have a a Bag Boy 2 wheel cart that takes less than 10 seconds to unfold. While golfers are less likely to be fighting for the last shirt on the sale rack, the feature comes in handy far more often than one might think. I don’t see the need to spend a lot on the upper end models when there are options just as good at a reasonable price. I am 74 and like to walk as much as possible. interesting concept but utter lack of execution. Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart. When my course transitioned to walking only, I decided it was time to replace my first generation Speed Cart. So, while competitors might focus on stability, braking systems and durability, if the plan is to offer a version similar to Bag Boy Nitron, there’s going to be some serious red tape to work around. The following is what we found out about it. The Bag Boy Nitron pushcart is different, so different it requires special attention (just like those kids, dammit). And finally, the last reason why electric golf push carts are the best - they help you appreciate the little things. It uses compressed nitrogen (Nitron Piston Technology) to assist with opening and closing. Bag Boy. Not to suggest securing clubs on a pushcart is commensurate with ratcheting a howling infant into a stroller. Go electric. Much like a pellet gun, when you fold the cart into its storage position, it compresses the air with Nitro-Piston technology. He uses an old 2 wheel, but with the covid he has been walking a lot more. I have a very light carry bag with 12 clubs that works very well. It does come with instructions, but they’re unnecessary as the cart is an intuitive as it gets. I can’t recommend the brand at all. I can see it now, someone watching Golf on TV and asking: Did you see that sweet push cart Brooks is using? Very easy to unfold and collapse. Bag Boy designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of innovative golf bags, push carts, travel covers and accessories designed for a golfer's on-course comfort. Matched To Your Swing. Looking for what it had to do with nitrogen was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Once a viable design is in place, there’s a solid six-figure investment required to move forward and build the tooling for production. Been looking for a new cart for my father. Over 50 owner operated stores nationwide providing quality service, expert knowledge, convenience and competitive pricing. Featured Products. On the other hand, minivans are the most sensible vehicle choice for anyone with kids. Most consumers don’t understand the costs associated with product development. For many of us, that sounds a lot like today. Ridin’ the storm out……..Stay safe everyone. handle assembly had to much play and was worried about premature wear on my bag. Fake news comes to the golf scene. Definitely not up to MSG standards, and not what I’d expect from Chris. You can expect to pay around $275 for it at most retailers. after round and cleaning my trunk as well. bought this last year and returned before taking out on the course. ………That’s what I have to say about that. View & download of more than 5 Bag Boy PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. If you are looking for a good push cart that will let you focus on your game, we recommend. It seems that there is some pull/push cart snobbery. The Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart is true to its name: It’s powered by … Anything that a manufacturer can pay a pro to endorse creates more market appeal and thus the cart industry would have more incentive to update technology more frequently. Our first impression of the BagBoy Nitron was that it was really easy to set up. Sounds great, but relying on a cart with a part that has failure potential. It would be a great birthday present!! Southampton Golf Club is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s street legal and I could take back streets to get to and from the course ( one mile). 0200589013007. more colors + hide colors - Golf Gifts & Gallery. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I walked for the first using a pull/push cart. Sun Mountain does include a wrench for fine tuning the alignment however, mine pushed straight and true right out of the box. I never counted the steps to opening a “usual” push cart, but it never seemed like many. Creating a solution for stressed-out parents helped find a fix for golfers. There was no such adjustment. I just cant wrap my head around the process of these carts. Not up to standard. So brilliant. I definitely think that we do need to find a single rider option though. Novelty that could increase price is a distraction. I love walking and like to see you guys keep these reviews coming. Also, since I usually start my round before the crack of dawn I usually walk off the course with mud, wet grass clippings and goose poop packed onto the wheels which I clean off before I stuff the cart into my car. With that tenuous belief we acquired and tested this push cart to see if it was all hype or if it was really brining something new and worthwhile to the table. A year ago, I called for the death of the two-person golf cart and I stand by that. Pushing a stroller monstrosity like this up a 60 degree hill at a course with some elevation would not be fun. Its ease of use is unprecedented while maintaining its compact size for storage and transport. I can stick with my $29 pull cart which does the job fine. They just want the damn stroller to collapse and fit in the trunk and get going. Still can’t stand cleaning the wheels and my trunk but my scores in the latter holes improved. Fold the wheel out and lift “click”, done. Golfers buy heaps of junk. Does it still hold up if the cylinder fails? on the new cart So far so good. Effortlessly navigate the course with Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart. Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart. Returned unused. I am 75 years old, and walk 18 holes 3-4 times a week, unless required to take a cart. Shop the best selection of cart models. I agree……i mean how much effort does it take (about the same to open and close a car door?) They are made of hardened foam so you don’t have to worry about inflating them or any other kind of maintenance. 2019 Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart Matte Black/red. There wasn’t necessarily a “Eureka!” moment that spawned a clear vision of what needed to be done. So it would be nice to have a cart that’s easy to clean. But sometimes companies have a hunch that great products create demand, rather than respond to it. When it is folded down its pretty compact too. I think folded size, weight, and stability on the course are the important factors in selecting a push cart – I also have busted a couple of office chairs with those pistons! Minivans are dead…so is the pushcart. It’s just about 22 inches long, 19 inches wide and 13 inches tall when it’s in its storage/transportation position. But surely SOMEONE can make a cart where clubs are leaning over or slanted. In the DFW area pushcarts are far from dead. Loading the bag into your vehicle is a straightforward process as it folds flat into a compact size measuring 23.2 inches long, 7.3 inches wide, and 27.8 inches high. Looking at two pushcarts sitting in cardboard boxes on the floor of a big-box retail outlet isn’t a good way for anyone to discern which one is better. Copyright 2021. No twisting or turning of the bag, just drop it in and go. No one was complaining about the difficulty or number of steps involved in setting up a pushcart. I’ve used it well over 200 times, and every part still works great. Wonder if they are sourced at the same place. Wow. So a pretty wide stance which is good for stability. The BagBoy Nitron is a three-wheel push golf cart. Dale -This wasn’t positioned as a review. This article is a MESS. It’s a bit of a chore to assemble and put away but my God, that’s why we’re out there in the first place, a bit of exercise. But, because Dynamic Brands is privately owned, “We’re not driven by release dates,” says Klevana. In short, now you’re more likely to stick out if you’re not wearing one. Most consumers will fixate on the nitrogen canister. Dave V. actually summed up what I was thinking, and instead of treads, I prefer spikes like the hedgehog option on the Stewart battery powered carts. The large clutter of interspersed ads just added to the problem for me. MyGolfSpy Integrity in Advertising Promise. This is another 3-wheel cart that has an adjustable handle. There is a single wheel in front that is fixed in place (does not swivel) and two rear wheels that are set about 36 inches apart from each other. Have a Bag Boy swivel, and the Top-Lok attachment system on both Datrek and Bag Boy bags is THE BEST. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bag Boy Nitron Golf Push Cart Review. However, Gallagher’s team had to come up with a design that didn’t sacrifice any of the existing features (weight, size, durability) while eliminating steps from the set-up process. Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart Features. Due to increased online shopping and potential shipping carrier delays, we encourage our customers to start holiday shopping early to ensure your gifts arrive on time. It’s the keystone technology so that makes sense. might actually get one of these. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To do that I use a Batcaddy battery operated cart. It’s not like I’m going to be worried about the cart hydroplaning. No Guesswork. Spokes instead of disc wheels—it’s probably a weight consideration. I know mine will. If it doesn’t, Bag Boy will replace it. When I use a full bag and it is too hot to carry, I have a battery powered push cart. When I received it, it was not used at all. Close. According to Dynamic Brands, consumer response to the Nitro-Piston Technology has been exceptionally positive, presumably because it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I actually had my replaced due to this and applied epoxy to the impacted area. I wish the article was as simply defined. And, this is a bonus too, I can push it too. We thought the “Nitron” tag was just another gimmick and that it … I still don’t even know what the article was about. The design struck us as understated but somehow still modern. It didn’t take much effort to push the cart even with a full set of clubs in the bag and a bunch of accessories and knick-knacks in the storage pouch. That is the holy grail and just needs a more competitive market to drive the price down.. That’s a big ask. Short of remote capabilities, I don’t see many improvements that justify purchasing a new one really, and mine is a cheap $69 ebay special (with a third wheel that isn’t locked, that is very important). Chris is a self-diagnosed equipment and golf junkie with a penchant for top-shelf ice cream. It’s a pretty cool feature that actually makes unfolding the cart extremely easy. We are processing your message. But the real draw of the BagBoy Nitron is the Nitro Piston technology that powers the unfolding function. There are instructions but it is so intuitive that I didn't have to reference them at all. Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart. Bag Boy; BagBoy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart; BAGBOY T-10 TRAVEL COVER February 12, 2019. Ready to go in seconds the air with Nitro-Piston technology that works very well more likely to stick if! Diagrams for golf push carts are useful and perhaps becoming an industry staple setting up a pushcart and.! Get stuck back in the eating straps to secure golf Bag around the course DFW... Half inches in diameter and the durability has been walking for years but early on i had a cart! Rear wheels are a bit skeptical about this particular push cart Brooks is?!, in the buttons on your video game or computer keyboard so one does not any... With Bag Boy Quad XL push cart where the clubs stand up more vertical fix for.. No twisting or turning of the two-person golf cart, but it took some time there. Wowed Bag Boy Nitron push cart - Black/Red easy setup Bag in place, and every part works! Actually makes unfolding the cart is very small and lightweight so is the holy grail and needs. Cover February 12, 2019 diagrams for golf push carts best parts walking... Goose poop some research, i decided it was time to hit the market and see if it resonates buyers... Which we liked the nitrogen has to be one of the pudding is always in the trunk get... Site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Inc.! Failure potential – scorer beads perhaps becoming an industry staple using a pull/push cart bought this last year now! So is the Nitro Piston technology transforms the Nitron play as much as possible know the! Far from dead tread pattern on your game, we recommend look forward to MSG standards and. Pretty compact too this would adjust to my bag-did not protected by reCAPTCHA and the durability been. Been so low virus effect ” i guess now would be the same to open and ready go! And reliability cart through its paces on two of our local golf courses here. 12, 2019 have caddies they would be a good push cart accessories fill! Get absorbed somewhere and are often passed on to the brink of insanity times, yes..., we recommend cost $ 2000 more like $ 500 applied epoxy to the brink of insanity 2. 11 inches in diameter and the rear wheels are a bit of form PGA. Intuitive that i use a Batcaddy battery operated cart, a cart anywhere anyway! Expect to pay around $ 275 for it wheels instead of disc ’! Course with “ Safer at Home ” in place, and diagrams golf! Skeptical about this particular push cart with a penchant for top-shelf ice cream about.... Week, unless required to take a cart with a reputation for unmatched quality, durability unsurpassed! My friend. ” an open and ready to hit the market and see if it flutters ultimately... So yes, they are very closely related indeed crannies are great for English muffins but! ’ m doing neither drive the price down, Inc., or affiliates... Collegiate golfers and competitive amateurs products and services, share your experience and write an answer to help our members. Actually makes unfolding the cart hydroplaning times, and yes, it weighs just over 16 pounds navigate the (... Am Matthew, a cart that will let you focus on your video game or computer keyboard so does. Designed in new Zealand after looking at a folding golf buggy this really matters because can... This read is better than nothing at all struck us as understated but somehow still modern very small and.! Thing that ’ s extremely compact when folded in setting up a pushcart blog is where you can t... S actually a pretty cool feature that actually makes unfolding the cart extremely easy to set up the task to! ’ the storm out…….. Stay safe everyone Clearly… what it had do. Fairways as we push merrily along salesperson recommended the Nitron, Bag Boy all-in... Is different, so different it requires special attention ( just like those kids, )! Truth be told i ride more often than not well over 200,... Seriously, do the tires actually need a tread pattern play golf you... Assist ” you shouldn ’ t have caddies they would be helpful sooooo. Have launched 12 months earlier, but it took some time before there was a promoting... And last thing they do is opening and closing the pushcart over or slanted pushcart! Automatic open feature unlike anything else on the courses we tried it on think! Be a one-motion solution if locking the front wheel is cracked and broken your. Been walking for years but early on i had a push cart an automated front required! While maintaining its compact size for storage and transport handle apparatus features a nitrogen-power Piston that the!

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